Ai Yazawa's New Manga after 3.5 Year

junkos room junko no heya ai yazawa
Spin off of Nana by Ai Yazawa Source: Ai Yazawa/Shogakukan

Ai Yazawa stopped her popular series Nana on April, 2009 on the manga magazine, Cookie.  

She broke the silence for the first time on the March edition of Cookie ( it is on sale from today 26th of January, 2013).


In this Cookie, Ms. Yazawa offered 2 pages of Junko's Room( " Junko no Heya/淳子の部屋"). 

Junko's room is a spin off series of Nana based on the character Junko Saotome, a friend of Nana. Junko's Room are in the Nana comic books.


Did you know the Rose of Versailles also come back, check here!

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