PATLABOR become Real Life Movie

patlabor real life movie
Source: Tohoku Shinsha/Masami Yuki

Have you read Patlabor by Yuki Masami? This was one of my favorite manga when I was in high school in 90s. I stil have full episodes somewhere in the warehouse.


Patlabor is a story based on robots and the people like many robots ( yes, of course, there are fights between robots.).


A big difference from other robot stories is that Patlabor has a realistic story line based on the real world. I mean the world in this manga is a normal world not like the space war world. There are some companies like Shinohara Heavy Industry (good side), Schaft(bad side)/businesses/politics involved.


In this manga you can feel as if these robots can really exit in this world.


Yesterday an exciting news came out. Patlabor will become a real life/live action movie. The movie will be released in 2014. The details are not yet known.


As this manga was one of the mangas ( other ones include Grappler Baki) I wanted to see as the real life version. This will be great!


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