Lake Kawaguchi, One of the five lakes around Mt. Fuji dried up, a sign of earthquake or Mt. Fuji erupting? Hopefully not!

kawaguchi lake dried up rokkakudo
Source: Asahi News, Fujikawaguchikomachi
rokkakudo fujikawaguchiko dry up
Rokkakudo in normal time Source: Asahi News, Fujikawaguchikomachi

The lake Kawaguchi, one of the five big lakes surrounding Mt. Fuji recently, dried up recently.


And the Rokkaku-do, a hexagonal wooden pagoda looking building, on a island in the lake, built as a commemoration of the old temple built by a student of a famous monk, Nichiren, is only reachable by boats usually. But you can walk to it simply because these days with much less water.


Some says it is a sign of next earthquake or Mt. Fuji eruption, some says it is not. The experts are cautious saying it is not unsual and citing the year 1997 when the water level was even 1 meter lower than today. Also the water level was low like today in 2007, 2008 and 2009 ( Jcast news).


Let us hope nothing happens! 


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