Gakuen Alice ( Alice Academy ) Ends Soon

Alice Academy Hakusensha/Tachibana Higuchi
Alice Academy Source: Hakusensha/Tachibana Higuchi

Tachibana Higuchi started the manga titled Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy) on Hana to Yume magazine in 2002. The manga became very popular and lasted till now 2013.


It was announced that Alice Academy comes to the end in the Hana to Yume magazine which will be on sale on 20th of June. With the final episode being imminent, 20th May Hana to Yume magazine runs a campaign where you can win the autograph of the author etc.


Do you read Alice Academy? How would you like the story ends? What will happen to Mikan Sakura?


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    jakia sultana (Saturday, 13 June 2015 22:19)

    i want happy ending