All You Can Drink Sake Event in Osaka

all yon can drink sake event in osaka in 2013
28 July 2013 for big Sake fans

Are you fan of Sake?


30 Sake makers will gather in one place in Osaka for Sake lovers. The event is called " Sato Zake wo Tanoshimu Kai in Osaka/ 郷酒(さとざけ)を楽しむ会 in OSAKA".


There will be 200 different types of Sake. All you can drink. You can also get some foods too. 


The participants are from all around Japan( sorry all in Japanese):

1. 白龍 吉田酒造  

2. 龍力 本田商店  

3. 晴雲酒造

4. 利守酒造  


6. 富士酒造  

7. 高砂酒造  

8. 喜久水酒造  

9. 古澤醸造  

10. 瑞鷹  

11. 神戸酒心館  

12. 鳳鳴酒造

13. 高木酒造  

14. 壽酒造  

15. 薄井商店

16. 都錦酒造  

17. 香坂酒造  

18. 山岡酒造  

19. 喜界島酒造  

20. 松屋酒造  

21. 廣田商店  

22. 大和川酒造店  

23. 大木代吉本店  

24. 木戸泉酒造  

25. 飯沼本家  

26. 鳴海醸造  

27. 甘強酒造

28. 羽田酒造  

29. 元帥酒造  

30. 媛囃子


Time: 28th of July, 2013 Open from 13:00 till 16:00 (12:30 the gates open)


Place: Universe, 2-3-9 Sennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0074 Here is the map


Cost: 5000JPY if you apply by 22nd July, 2013( Warning, one notice of this organisor saying this is by 18th of July, 2013. Confusing.)


How to buy ticket: Click this link to apply 

In this link, You need to fill in at least these


氏名 * Name

氏名(フリガナ) * Name( you may need to make up your name and put in Hiragana)

年齢 * Age

〒(郵便番号) Zip code

住所 * Address

電話番号 * Telephone number

eメール * E-mail

お申込み枚数 * How many ticket to buy

当日受付にて購入(7/22迄の申込は5000円)To buy the ticket at the place on 28th July, 2013


Note: you can not buy the ticket online but you need to apply to buy online and pay at the gate


Do not drink too much!


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