How to Protect Japanese Sake Barrel?

Making a Sake Barrel sakadaru
Making a Sake Barrel/Sakadaru Source: Mainichi News

If you visited shrines in Japan, you may have seen the barrels for Japanese rise wine-Sake. It is called Sakadaru (meaning literally "Sake barrel").


These barrels usually made of cider and like Masu ("Sake cup") very important part of ceremonies in Japan.


People donate the Sake in the barrels to shrines. It was common to bring and drink the big barrel when people build a new house. Also, when the business starts, you may see the corporate big heads hit the Sake barrel open with hammers.


To make the barrels, it requires skills to put each cider board with bamboo strings together precisely so the sake does not leak.


There were around 500 Sake barrel manufacturers in Japan around Edo period. As of 2013 there are only 9.


This decline in the Sake barrels is due to mainly the drop in sake consumption in Japan. People's taste more diversified thus more people drink wine etc., more choice of alcohol, few young people want to work in the industry and the ever-stricter control on alcohol consumption bestowed by traffic law(against drink under influence).


Witnessing this decline of the Sake barrel, the major Sake company Kikumasamune has started hiring Sake barrel craftsmen to keep the traditional expertise alive.


There are many Japanese traditions facing similar problems.


Team Kaeru think the big issues here are:

1) young people are not interested in traditions in Japan and

2) the government is not putting enough resource to educate the young generation on these old traditions( which results in less interests of youth in it) and also not promoting these traditions( which results in even less growth of these old business ).


Team Kaeru think the other part of the world has also similar issues. If any opinion, please share with us!


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