Price Checker: Cast Iron Taiyaki Pan
price of Cast Iron Taiyaki Pan in Germany
Cast Iron Taiyaki Pan price in Germany
price of Cast Iron Taiyaki Pan in japan
Cast Iron Taiyaki Pan Price in Japan

Price checker: Cast Iron Taiyaki Pan


One of the most frequent asked questions for Onegai Kaeru team is the price difference between Japan and overseas.


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Sometimes the gap is small and the gap is extreme even after considering the shipping cost and service fee for vendors. We will pick several examples and share it with you.


Today Onegai Kaeru team conducted a price check on Cast Iron Taiyaki Pan in Germany and Japan.


The starting price is 48.50EUR in Germany on Amazon. DE, and 12EUR (1575JPY) in Japan on Rakuten Japan. So the difference is 36.50EUR.


Currency exchange rate is 130JPY=1EUR as of 29th of Sept, 2013.


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NOTE: We only conducted a simple online research and cannot guarantee the quality of sellers being good or bad. The information is based on the date of research and subject to change. This is Only for information purpose. Trust worthiness of seller(when the price is too low, it is possible the seller selling fake products, total fraud or so.), import tax, shipping cost (domestic/international), commission for vendor etc. always need to take into account.



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