A new animation event " AnimeJapan 2014" announced!

official page AnimeJapan 2014 event in Tokyo Big Sight 2014
Official page for AnimeJapan 2014 event in Tokyo Big Sight 2014
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Website of Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013
Anime Contents Expo 2013
Website of Anime Contents Expo 2013

A new animation event " AnimeJapan 2014" announced!


Interested in Anime or manga? If you are in March in Japan, there is a great exhibition. It is called AnimeJapan. Its 2018 was a good success! With 152,331 attendees. It will be held in 2019 March.  (UPDATED in 2018 )


Two iconic events of Japanese animation, Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) and Anime Contents Expo, will be merged into one new event for the next year.


The new event is called AnimeJapan 2014


The date: 22nd and 23rd March, 2014

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight 

Expected attendee: 100,000


Because of this new event, TAF 2014 (originally planned 19-22 March, 2014) will NOT take place.


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