Grasshopper Ice cream for anyone? Strange Ice creams in Japan

grasshopper ice cream in japan.jpg
Yum!? Grasshopper ice cream in Japan Source: MyNavi News
Usually Inago eaten as "Tsukudani"
Usually Inago eaten as "Tsukudani" Source: Wikipedia
chicken wing ice cream from nagoya
Everybody loves chicken wings, right? How about this? Source: Nagoya Ice Daishugo
Cow Tongue Ice cream
Cow Tongue Ice cream got 2 stars out of 7 from the taste review Source: MogNavi

Grasshopper Ice cream for anyone?


Want to try something unique in Japan.


Try some ice creams.


There are many sea food theme ice creams like Eel, Octopus, Crab etc.


From the ground animal side, Horse Sashimi ice cream, Mamushi- poisonous snake ice cream, Cow tongue ice cream and, of course, everyone's favorite Chicken wings (ice cream! in Nagoya).


Enough with the strange ice cream information?


With all these above knowledge we thought we would not be surprised any more in Japan.


But we were wrong. Today's news stunned us...


"an insect"


It is a grasshopper Ice cream!


As you can see, it is not blended in the ice cream like others but the insects are literally only put on the ice cream like chocolate toppings for Cold Stones.


This type of locus is called Inago, Inago is traditionally consumed as food quite a lot all over Japan. Common way to cook is to boil Inago down with some sweet sauce ( becoming so called "Tsukudani (boilt down food)").


In fact one of Onegai Kaeru team members ate it in his childhood and he said it was tasty on freshly steamed rice.


Where can you try this? Go to the Suwako Kankokisen (Suwa lake tourist boat) shop in Nagano (This company runs very cute a turtle ship).


There you ask loudly for "One Inago ice cream, please~ ".


It costs 400JPY

The official name of the ice cream is "Batta Soft (Batta means grasshopper in Japanese)". 


So what do you think? Wanna try? We appreciate your comments


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