New Visa System for Japanese Chef Wanna Be from Overseas( under Consideration)!

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Wanna learn how to cook Japanese?

New Visa System for those wants to learn Japanese food as trainee( under Consideration)


One of Onegai Kaeru team members used to study in a cooking school. He was Japanese so did not have a visa problem..but for a foreigner, not easy to study and train her/himself as a Japanese chef in Japan.


Under the current visa system, if you are foreigner and study Japanese cuisine at a cooking school with a student visa, you will not be able to stay as a paid trainee in Japan after you finish the school.


It was problem for those students because usually extensive training after school is necessary to improve the Japanese cooking skill. With the current visa system those who tried to be Japanese chef need to leave Japan.


The government considering to change the current law so that the new visa system Japanese cooking school students will be able to stay during their training time to sharpen their skill.


"Considering" means it is not "fixed" yet. Let us hope the government will do their job to make a great visa system for those foreigners who seriously plan to be Japanese Chef.


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