World Sushi Cup Japan 2013!!

sushi competition in japan and tasting
Sushi competition and tasting!! Source: its official website
sushi event participants around the world
Participants are from around the world like the US, Russia, Romania, Belgium etc. You can check if your neighbor sushi chef participating this competition Source: its official website

If you are in Japan, you should try some sushi. Sushi in Japan is much cheaper and better usually than overseas. 

If you are a sushi lover and will happen to be in Japan early March. You may not want to miss the following event.


-World Sushi Cup Japan 2013-


The date: 6th of March, 2013

The place: Hotel the Manhattan, Chiba, Japan

The event details:

1) Sushi competition ( by individual ) by participants from overseas and Japan

2) Demonstration by Japanese Sushi chefs

The entry: not for public, you need to be a writer or so from media companies.

The date : 7th to 8th of March, 2013

The place: International Conference Hall , Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

The event details:

1) Sushi competition ( by restaurant ) and tasting of Sushi for vote

2) Sushi good/items and related products display

3) Speechs on the global trend of Sushi and history of Sushi, and Edo period culture

The entry: It is a free entry but if you want to taste sushi at the event, you need to buy tickets in advance for 2,500JPY for one day (i.e. if you want to go and eat at the events for two days, you need 2 tickets costing in total 5,000 JPY).


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