Attention, Cat fan! Cat Paw Spoon on Sale

cat paw spoon cate
cat paw spoon cate details
Source: Shippo TV/Tokyo Cat Gaurdian
かわいい猫モチーフのスプーン シリコン製 cate 2カラー 【10P05Sep15】

Cute cat spoon. You can get it from here!
Price: 800JPY(incl. tax)Shipping cost shall be added

Cat Paw Spoon on Sale


Tokyo Cat Guardian, a Tokyo based Non profit organisation, to shelter strayed cats, sells super cute items for feline lovers such as the celebrity cat's Uni calender


Its latest item is Cat Paw Spoon called Cate, (Cate means the combination of Cat and Te(hand in Japanese)). 


This is made of silicon with its core structure being cat paw shaped.


Price: 766JPY(tax incl.)

Size: width 2.5cm x height 1.5cm (incl. the stand pictured) x length 16cm

Colour: Available in two colours: milky white and milky pink


N.B. not suitable for microwave


The Cate is available on this official shopping site. The money goes to the charity organised by Tokyo Cat Guardian.


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いたずらBANK 貯金箱 アメショ 猫 雑貨 ねこ シャイン 面白 おもちゃ 通販 【プレゼント】ベル...

Cat coin box. The cute cat will take your coins!
Price: 1,999JPY ( incl. tax) shipping cost shall be added

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