"Fuchiko" Capsule Toy Big Hit

fuchiko cat iphone stand deep fried shark
Source: Source: Kitan Club, Tanaka Katsuki, yassang, Takara Tomy, Zariganiworks

"Fuchiko" Capsule Toy Big Hit


Have you ever tried capsule toys( called "Gachagacha" in Japanese)?


It has been in Japan for a long time. Some of our Onegai Kaeru team members bought them when they were little.


This is a machine you put one coin, usually 100JPY or so, and you get one capsule out of it. You do not know what toy you get in the capsule. When you open it, this is the moment of excitement where you might get the special toy, and also this is the moment of disappointment to learn what you got was not special one..


This has usually been targeted to kids( like Dragon Ball Z capsule or One Piece capusle ) but recently more adults buy these.


The biggest latest hit was Fuchiko on the edge of glass("koppu no Fuchiko/ コップのフチ子" from Kitan Club Co., Ltd.).One capsule costs 200JPY.



4.4million capsules were sold so far.


As you can see in the picture(on upper left), you get one of these office lady dolls which you can put on the edge of your glass or mug.


Other capsules for "adult" are also shown in the picture. Like the smartphone stand cat from Kitan Club. We are await for the sale of the deep fried shark capsule toy( shown on the right).


We know some shops in overseas are selling these capsule toys. Have you ever tried? Did you see Fuchiko in your country by any chance?


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    vorralapa kositvarakitkul (Tuesday, 02 December 2014 13:41)

    I want to buy fuchiko capsule toy on theEdge of glass I must go to on the city from japan ( my son gone to japan december) city , road ,name shop ,telophone number pleass tell me Thank you so must