Waterfall, dating spa, Unique Hot Spring List in Japan


Waterfall Spa, dating spa, Unique Hot Spring List in Japan

Researching for next trip to Japan? Wanna try something unique but have not found much yet? We will try to help you so that you can tell your friends that you went to the land of "crazy stuff"!


How about spa in the middle of river? Bath under the water fall? Or bath in the plate of ice? Well, if you are not into the nature, then karaoke Hot spring? Or, hot spring where you can meet your life time partner (dating spa)? 


Japan fans gave us the positive feedback on the previous article relating to Onsen (hot spring) in Japan such as  " GREAT JAPANESE INNS WITH PRIVATE HOT SPRING BATHS AND VIEW FOR AUTUMN/WINTER SEASONS ", robot hotels of 140 robot workers in Nagasaki and Chiba, train hostel and further asked us to come up with more lists.


Note: In this list of unique spa, some locations are free and mixed this means you must wear swim suits. Also some spas are pretty much in the middle of nature and closed during the winter. Always watch out for Tattoo rule in public bath in Japan.


This time, we introduce more interesting hot spring locations and hotel with these baths. 

1. WaterFall Spa - KawarageOyutaki falls

Source: City's official website, wikipedia

96 C degree hot water (coming from 1km away from the fall) falls along the 20m high natural wall and gets cooled down on the way (40 c degree around dry time and cooler in rainy season). Quite unusual hot spring location and similar to the Kamuiwakka falls in Hokkaido. Kamuiwakka falls are under strict restriction due to the risk of injury by too high temperature and rocks falling. Kawarage-o-yutaki fall is easy to take (yet some travel from Tokyo). 

Name: Kawarage Oyutaki falls (川原毛大湯滝)


Location: Yuzawa, Akita

By car, from Yuzawa Yokote road Sukawa interchange, you drive for 20 mins, then you walk for 15 mins from the parking lot. The parking space is limited (60 cars). Can not use car during winter ( mid Nov-May next year) because the road is blocked.


By public transport, get JR Yuzawa station, then take Ugo Line Bus toward Doroyu Onsen, get off at the last stop then climb the mountain for 1.5 hour


Cost: Free

Contact: +81 183558180 at the City Offce


NOTE: Best time to visit it Summer (early July-mid Sept). Contact the city office first if open or not. must wear swim suits. Type of the water is of the high acidity so it stings your eyes. 40 degree is too hot for some people. No mobile phone signal. No shop.

Hotels around Yokote

1. Hotel Route-Inn Yokote Inter (ホテルルートイン横手インター)

Very close to Yokote Interchange and has a big parking lot 

Book from here!


2. Quad Inn Yokote ( クォードインyokote )

Just 5 min from JR Yokote station with sauna and big bath

Book from here!


3. Hotel Wellness Yokoteji ( ホテルウェルネス横手路 )

2 min from Yokote Interchange and 10 min from JR Yokote station by car

Has hot spring

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2. Dating spa

When you are a couple, a private hot spring is a way to go as we introduced several suggestions. But, what about when you have no partner and are looking for one?


This hotel has a dating spa ( "お見合い風呂 (omiai-buro)" meaning match-making bath). You go to the outside bath, there is small window (looking like a small shrine) between the woman's and man's bath. This window is only open-able from the woman's side. If you are a woman, you can open to see if any nice man on the other side. If you are a man, just stay in front of the window...just stay right there till someone on the other side "may" open the window.

You may wait till the end of the world... Source: the hotel's official site
You may wait till the end of the world... Source: the hotel's official site
If you are woman, you can open the door of the hope. Source: hotel's official website
If you are woman, you can open the door of the hope. Source: hotel's official website

Name: Shosenkau in Nakaoyama Spa ( 中尾山温泉 松仙閣 )


Click here to book this hotel!


Location: Nagano city, Nagano

Get Nagano Station then get Shinonoi station (15 mins) then taxi.

Contact: +81 26-292-2343

Checkin: After 15:00 (latest by 23:00)

Checkout: Before 10:00AM

This hotel has also Karaoke spa. 

Source: hotel's official website

You can be the superstar in the bath room (you can reserve for your group so you have the privacy). Do not drop your microphone into the hot spring!

3. River Spa-Kawayu onsen

The hot water every where around the river. You just dig some hole and there will be the hot water coming out of the ground. 


Amazing that you can take a nice hot bath right after playing in the cool river in the summer.


From Dec-Feb every year, the local tourism association makes a 40m x 60m big bath also called Senninburo ( " 仙人風呂 "). Lanterns lit in the night and it is surrealistic that you take bath in the river, esp. night time. It is free and take bath and free to park car. What else do you need? The Senninburo event opens 6:30am-22:00.

During Senninburo event  Source: Kumano Hongu Tourist Association
During Senninburo event Source: Kumano Hongu Tourist Association

Name: Kawayu Onsen (川湯温泉)


Location: Tanabe, Wakayama

By car, free parking lot ( 50 car) available 200m away from the spa area.

By public transport, you take a bus from Shingu station in Wakayama to get off at Kawayu Onsen stop ( 1 hour trip)


Cost: Free


Contact: +81 735-42-0735 (08:30am-17:00)

NOTE:  Contact the Kumano Hongu Tourist Association first if open or not. Must wear swim suits. The spa may be closed due to the weather etc. No soap or shampoo or any sort similar allowed. There are separate changing rooms for men and women.

Hotels around the river

1. Kawayu Onsen Fujiya (川湯温泉 冨士屋) 

110 min from Kii-Tanabe Station by bus.

One of the oldests in the area with hot spring

Book this hotel from here!


2. Ashita no Mori (川湯温泉 ペンション あしたの森) 

Pension built with 100 year old trees

Offers steak featured on TV in Japan

Nice hot spring

Book this hotel from here!


3. Yunominesou (湯の峯荘) 

80min by car from Nanki Tanabe Interchange

Shuttle bus to Kumanokodo every morning

Nice hot spring

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4. Sansuikan Kawayu Midoriya (山水館 川湯みどりや) 

90 min from Kii-Tanabe Station by bus.

Great hot spring

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4. Others...

oyado uchiyama shizuoka hotel shizuoka japan
For the coupe there are several Onegai Kaeru's suggestion Source: the hotel's official website

If you are looking for great hotel for winter sports in Japan, just click here!


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Source: Wikipedia, each inn's official websites


Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source.

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