When and where Cheery blossom full on in Japan in 2018?

Cherry tree makes Japan one of the most beautiful and colourful places in the world  Photo Source: wikipedia
Cherry tree makes Japan one of the most beautiful and colourful places in the world Photo Source: wikipedia

Hirosaki Castle in Aomori

 When and where Cheery blossom full on in Japan in 2018 (we will update from time to time. If you read this in 2019, the prediction can be wrong)? 


Here is the prediction from the Japanese government. The "cherry blossom line (sakura zensen/桜前線)" will come from the south to the north usually in March and April.


If you want to see the beautiful cherry blossom in Japan in your destination, check out this carefully.


There is the big list of cherry blossom locations in Japan later on. Do you miss it!!


Are you in Japan and you already saw the cherry flowers? Tell us where and how it was. If you take a photo of your hanami or cherry blossom of anywhere on the earth, you can send it to us and we share it with the world.


As of 17th of March, 2018 the government confirmed that cherry (Somei yoshino cherry type) is blooming. The earliest since 1953. Onegai kaeru team in Tokyo spotted several cherry trees bloomed.

Where can you see Sakura in Japan this year?

Location (City) from the south to the north When to see Flowers (prediction)
Kumamoto 20 March
Fukuoka 18 March
Hiroshima 20 March
Matsuyama 21 March
Osaka 22 March
Kyoto 22 March
Nagoya (Aichi) 19 March
Kofu (Yamanashi) 21 March
Nagano 7 April
Tokyo 17 March (confirmed on 17 March, 2018)
Sendai (Miyagi) 4 April
 Akita  17 April
Aomori 21 April
Sapporo (Hokkaido) 1 May
Cherry blossom and Mt. Fuji  Source: wikipedia
Cherry blossom and Mt. Fuji are symbols Source: wikipedia

OHanami CULTURE in Japan

Hamami is part of life in Japan for hundreds of years  Source: Wikipedia
Hamami is part of life in Japan for hundreds of years Source: Wikipedia

"Ohanami or hanami" means by a word "looking  flowers" in Japanese. It means a party under or near the cherry blossoms which many people in Japan do in spring.


In the ancient Japan, "flower" meant plum "Ume" which blooms usually before cherry. Later on, it became "sakura/cherry" and now cherry flowers are symbols used in many parts of Japan society.


People go out to some park where the cherry trees blooming and put some picnic sheet with some snack, drinks (alcohol !). 


Please do NOT

1) break and take away the tree branches

2) litter

3) have a party where not authorized/allowed (if you see no sign, it means "not allowed" !)

4) drink too much (just dangerous, haha)

Where to go for Hanami paaaarty?


Goryokaku park

Matsumae park

Noboribetsu sakura street


Meguro river

Koishikawa koraku-en

Komaba park

Sotobori park

Yoyogi park

Shiba park and Zojo-ji temple

Aoyama graveyard


Hibiya park

Kitanomaru park

Omiya park

Iwatsukijoshi park

Gongendo tsusumi


Musashi kyuryou shinrin park

Hitsujiyama park

Kumagaya sakura tsutsumi

Motoarakawa (near the river)

Cherry blossom spots in/near Osaka, Kyoto etc.

Osaka castle park

Osaka Zoheikyoku street

Banpaku park

philosopher's road


Sugi no baba

Amagi Park


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Source: Wikipedia, Japan government weather website


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