Who is MUCC? How to join MUCC Fanclub?


Who is MUCC? How to join MUCC Fanclub?

Who is MUCC? How they started?

We are featuring many famous girls bands in Japan like Band Maid , Baby Metal and Masked Girls. How about male bands? There are many cool male bands from Japan too.


Do you know MUCC? A famous and cool visual kei band from Japan. Who are they?

Why 9th of June is the special day for them? Where is their fan club? You find all here.

who is MUCC?

For the MUCC fan, it is a silly information. You know all already so you can skip.


The band is born in Ibaraki prefecture. All members are from the prefecture famous for Natto and Komon Mito.


Tatsuro and Miya formed the band in 1997. The band was based in Ibaraki where the members are from. First the band was a copy band of The Blue Hearts and Glay.


MUCC did the first live outside Japan when it joined a German metal festival " Wacken Open Air " in 2005.


The band is under the Maverick DC group label which holds L'Arc en Ciel, Ken, acid roid etc..


Where the name comes from?

 So, where the name MUCC comes from?


The name MUCC is said to come from the red hairy kid character Mukku. We as kids are familiar with this character with its partner Gacchapin on a kid program on Fuji TV called "Hirake Ponkikki".  Mukku character is based on the yeti from North pole (h 185cm w 110kg). You can see these characters here (the red one is Mukku and the green one is Gacchapin).


The character Mukku and MUCC did a gig together on stage 7th of June in 2007 and 2014 in Kawasaki Club CITTA.

9th of June : Mucc day

9th of June is the day of MUCC. You see some event on that date. Why is 9/6 the MUCC day? 


In Japan we use the date starting with the month first and day second. And "6" sounds "muttsu" and "9" sounds "ku" in Japanese.


You should not miss this day to join the event!

Where is MUCC fanclub?

MUCC has the fanclub called "shuunoto / 朱ゥノ吐". Even for Japanese, it is hard to tell how to pronounce it.


The official website is here. Interested in their fanclub? Check this fanclub proxy service!

World Tour, Original item shop?...

Outside Japan, where can you see them live? 

As of Dec 2017 the band was in 18 countries including UK, USA, Germany, China, Russia, Singapore, Poland, Denmark etc. You can see them. Stay tuned!!


You can also buy the band original items from this shop!


Who is your favorite band from Japan? Tell us and share with us!!


Interested in their fanclub? Check this fanclub proxy service!

MUCC and Covid-19

The corona virus killed many events. MUCC live was not exception. There was a huge live event planned in June, 2020 but it was cancelled due to the Covid-19.


Instead, MUCC did and plans to do more online live events.


At the same time, you can watch their online channel on Niconico and Youtube.


In one recent interview, Miya said that after the corona pandemic occurred, his view for the death changed. It became rather positive about the death; the god kinda dropped the Covid-19 to reduce the population; Japanese government needs more science background people to make fat decision on the corona.

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