Useful Information list for Japan Trip by Category!

Useful Information list for Japan Trip by Category!

Yakushima Source: Wikipedia
Yakushima Source: Wikipedia

Team Kaeru has provided useful information for those travelling to Japan. 


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Are you planning to make a trip to Japan?


This page has useful and practical insights for Japan trip. We will make the list for overseas trip other than Japan later one such as Indonesia (How not to be cheated at the Bali airport), Vietnam   (How not to be cheated at the Ho Chi Minh City airport)


Millions of readers check out our list series, where is it, how much is it, what is it and how to get there. Our info is always detailed, honest and painfully practical. 


Some of our readers asked us to make the summary of the info so that readers can easily find the useful info by category. This way, you will not miss any good info.  We keep updating this page so that you get the latest and full info always.


Whether you got interested in Japan because you find a good deal in skyscanner, won a trip to Japan or played the game Go Go Nippon my first trip to Japan, we hope that you find all info you need here.

Hashima aka BattleshipIsland Source: Wikipedia
Hashima aka BattleshipIsland Source: Wikipedia



source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

Pocket WIFI Japan

Hotel, Ryokan and inns

Ghibli related

Jomonsugi Yakushima Source: Wikipedia
Jomonsugi Yakushima Source: Wikipedia

Best Photo locations


Islands of Japan

Yakushima Source: Wikipedia
Yakushima Source: Wikipedia
Hashima aka BattleshipIsland Source: Wikipedia
Hashima aka BattleshipIsland Source: Wikipedia


Useful Link for Japan

1. Norikae 

this website can show you how to change your train, bus, flight, ship to get your destination. It is good that most of the public transport is on time. Thus you can more or less rely on this time table. But please consider there may be some delays due to some accidents which often happens.


2. Japan Railway pass You get this pass, you can take the biggest rail way company JR goup's train anywhere in Japan including bullet trains. Get it before you come to Japan!


3. Japan weather So many weather forecast websites and we are sure you have your favorite. We put this here as one of the examples (at least from the Japanese government). Bring umbrella (fold-able) with you always.  We have rain season in July and also big afternoon storms in the summer a lot.

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If you have a particular place you want us to feature, let us know! We send the research team and do the detailed research on the destination.

Onegai Kaeru wants you to enjoy Japan trip.


If you are looking for more traveler"s info and can not find one, please let us know. We will try to help you with Japan Traveler Help Service (we work on hourly charge to arrange, book, find info you need). Feel free to contact us!


Looking for a beautiful Japanese inn with private bath during your trip to Japan? Here is the list!


Do you know an island with over 2000 years old tree in Japan? Please check this out!


Feeling hunger in Tokyo? Check this special articles where you can get full at super cheap price!


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Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source.

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