1 year prison term or 1 mil JPY penalty for Ticket re-seller in Japan


1 year prison term or 1 mil JPY penalty for Ticket re-seller in Japan

Re-seller problem in Japan

Do you go to any concert or sports game in Japan? You may see some people coming up to you and ask "do you need a ticket?". 


There are even people who go to the venue without ticket and look for a re-seller. The price can quite crazy sometimes. And the Japanese government took it seriously in the eye of the 2020 Olympic game where ticket price may go also crazy with so many re-sellers.


1 year in prison or 1 mil JPY penality

There are re-sellers not only offline but online. Many of our members complained it is not possible to buy tickets for popular concerts and the re-sellers aggressively charge.


Today the Japan national parliament made a basic draft to enact a law against the re-seller (offline and online).


Under the new law, the ticket re-seller, unless authorized by the event organizer/operator, may face 1 year prison term or 1mil JPY penalty in Japan once found guilty.



The law seems to have a loop hole where it is basically okay to resell when a person could not go to an event due to a "personal reason". In several online ticket resale platform, many re-sellers already put the excuse saying that "I bought the ticket for myself but I could not go due to a sudden incident" etc.


Well, from our view, it is a bit suspicious that someone who became not able to go due to a personal reason is so sad to pass it to someone else but charge 3-10 times of its original ticket price!


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