How to Get Chichijima / Hahajima islands, where to stay?

How to Get Chichijima / Hahajima islands, where to stay?

Ogasawara islands

We have been introducing interesting and unique islands in Japan. This time, we pick up two islands in Tokyo. It is "in Tokyo" but very very far from the Tokyo "city". 


There is a group of islands of around 30 located 1000km from south-east of Tokyo.


Out of 30 islands, there are only two islands where people live. One is Chichijima ("father" island) and the otehr is Hahajima ("mother" island).

source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

Chichijima ("father" island)

Chichi-jima ("father" island) is the second biggest island in Ogaswara islands (the biggest is Iojima (Io-to) island).


Around 2140 people live (2018 data)


The island history goes back to 1830 when Nathaniel Savory and several Hawaiian immigrated to the island.  In 1876 the island became part of Japan.

How to get Chichijima island?

Only Ship to get the island

There is no airport on Chichijima island.


There are two ships Ogasawara-maru and Kyosho-maru



1. You take a ship called Ogasawara-maru from Tokyo Takeshiba port. 

It is around 24 hour trip.

You leave Takeshiba port around 11:00AM and you arrive Chichijima island around 11:00AM.


26990JPY per one way (the second class Japanese type room to share)

The deluxe room is 80390JPY per one way. Due to the gas price, the price may go up in the range of 1170JPY to 3470JPY)


Check out the time table (you can expect 1-2 departures per month)


Takeshiba sanbashi port

This is where all begins!


 You take a ship called Kyosho-maru from Tokyo Tsukishima port. 


It is around 48 hour trip.


The time table is random so you need to check on the company's website.


It is usually around 4000JPY cheaper than Ogasawara-maru. You share the room of 9 people. The best thing is that you also get 3 meals!!


When the room is full, you can not take this.


You call 03-3533-2671 and book.

What to be careful?

Rainy Season


Rainy season from May - June



The island gets a strong sun. You need a proper protection not to get sun burn.



Unlike Okinawa area, there is no poisonous snake on Chichijima island.



There are 3 ATMs to withdraw cash.  These are JA Tokyo Shinren, Shichi To Shinyo Kumiai and Japan post office.



Ogasawara Joho Center open 14:00-18:30 except for Sat and Sun. 300JPY per hour to use.

Hotels, guest houses have their internet

Where to stay on Chichijima?

source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

There are several guesthouses.


Cost is 3950JPY per night with no breakfast.


Here are some examples:


Source: official website

Click here to book!

Tel: +81 4998-2-7725

Near the Kominato Kaigan

5 rooms

Shanti Bungalow

Ishi P'

Islander Cafe

source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

How to get Hahajima island

Ship to Hahajima island

You need to take a ship to Hahajima island from Chichijima.

The ship is called Hahajima maru.

The ship departs 1 hour after you arrive at Chichijima.

You can buy the ticket at Hahajima maru waiting room (No credit card (of course!))

The cost is 4230JPY per one way

The duration is around 2 hours

Your budget For this trip

How much should you bring to this trip?


For example, for the 3 day trip, if you bring around 100,000JPY (1000USD) cash to cover your transportation, accommodation and food, you may feel okay to go around.

Where to eat?

Several places to eat and drink!


Sushi are made of the marinated fishes from the local. Use mustard instead of wasabi.

Shark burger

Yes, you heard it. It is a hamburger using shark meat! The texture is quite similar to some fish. Quite nice!

Ogasawara coffee

Ogasawara area is only one of very few places which produce coffee in Japan. The taste is not so strong so easy to drink. If you are a coffee lover like us, better try once. 

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