YUIMETAL or Yui Mizuno was born in Kanagawa pref. on 20th June, 1999.

Since 2007 Yui was a model with Agency AMUSE. I was on TV advertisement, drama and theater from 2008 till 2010. In 2010 August she joined Sakura Gakuin project and in November she joined BABYMETAL as YUIMETAL. 


She was in charge of scream and dance.


Her favorite BABYMETAL song is "Road of Resistance"

Summary of Yuimetal official message

On the official website of BABYMETAL, there is a message from YUIMETAL.


Here is the summary:


"I am so sorry that I was absent for a long time which has caused many problems to many people. After thinking many times I decided to leave BABYMETAL. I (YuiMetal) has not been active since I could not join Hiroshima live in December last year. Even though I had so much support from the member and staff, I had to skip the BABYMETAL World Tour 2018 in Japan in this October and I will leave the band. I feel so sorry for those who have supported BABYMETAL. I decided to leave because of my health condition and I want to pursue my dream to stand on a stage as Yui Mizuno once again. BABYMETAL will be reborn with Su-Metal and Moametal. My time in BABYMETAL has been so precious. I felt so lucky about these days I spent (as BABYMETAL). Live where we became one smiling was so happy moment. I hope to see you all as Yui Mizuno one day. Thank you for 8 years' support."

Who is BABYMETAL? WHo writes songs?

Let us recap who BABYMETAL is?


They are a heavy metal style girl's group from Japan. It was established in 2010. All from one Japanese idol project called Sakura Gakuin of primary and Jr. high school girls.


It belongs to the talent management company AMUSE which also has Perfume. They are as popular as BAND-MAID in Japan.


The members are:

1) Suzuka Nakamoto/Su-Metal born 20th Dec 1997 in Hiroshima - main vocal.

2) Yui Mizuno/YuiMetal born 20th June 1999 in Kanagawa( who will leave the band this time)

3) Moa Kikuchi/MoaMetal born 4th July 1999 in Nagoya

These three were the members of Sakura Gakuen (cherry blossom school) group in 2010. In 2011 on 1st of Feb Amuse announced its group name as "BABYMETAL".

Most of their songs are in Japanese.


Their songs are produced by a person called "KOBAMETAL" who has been a big fan of Seikima II (Demon Kogure band) and X Japan.


The other members are:

1) Takayoshi Ohmura as guitar

2) Leda as guitar

3) Boh as base

4) Isamu Takita as base (oldest, born on 8th Aug, 1964)

5) Hideki Aoyama as drum

World Tour, fashion label...

We actually came to know this cute and wonderful band through foreign friends in Japan. This band is not only popular in Japan but also outside of Japan.


BABYMETAL will start the world tour called BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 on 8th of May, 2018. At the same time, their new song "Distortion" was released.


In 2018 the band announced that it signed a partnership agreement with 5B management and record (which manage Slipknot and Megadeth). And also it will set up a new label "BABYMETAL RECORDS" with the Cooking Vinyl - an independent record company from the UK (est. 1986).


The news was quite big right after they announced to launch a fashion brand called BMD FOX Apparel. The brand is for sports wear whose sales started on Zozotown at 12:00 7th of May, 2018.


Interested in their fanclub? Check this fanclub proxy service!

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