No Help for Trapped Two Boars in Japan?

No Help for Trapped Two Boars in Japan?

Source: wikipedia
Source: wikipedia


[28th Oct, 2018]

Here is the update. These two boars which were trapped were rescued by the city office. 

It has been still controversial because of the background as below.  


Currently two boars fell by mistake into a reservoir (at this moment dry) in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka. There seems no way out. 


It seems quite possible to rescue them technically but the local regulation on "wild animal protection" which forbids human to intervene the life of wild animals. 


On 12 Oct, 2018 the local person asked the government to help them out but the request was rejected. The government says we just need to "look at" them.


We wonder if the government can not think the reservoir is basically what the human made which already interfered the life of animals and it may be reasonable to get them out from the artificial situation back to the nature? 


We can " understand " that the governments in Japan are careful and less risk taking. We are sure that the officials in the government themselves want to help the wild pigs.


Of course, boars are considered to be "pests" these days as they stroll into the residential areas and eat the crops and harvest damaging the farmers' business. This is we think the biggest reason why the government does not move a finger.

If the government helps them they will most likely face the big criticism from the locals who suffer from "boar issues".

Imagine if you live on your farming business and the wild boars eat all of your products and you suffer badly financially, you will hate the government if they spend the tax money (as you also paid) to help these pests which just by mistake fell into some hole.


Beside this, with not so much budget in the city government, it is hard to use it to save animals, when people are so ailing these days with not much social security. The rescue work can be also dangerous and tiring.


We think they need a good excuse to be out of their box!

What do you think we can do?

Now two boars fell and wait to die. Something must be done to help!! We also need to come up with some plan where humans and boars live together in peace...


Any good idea to help these animals?

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