Janne Da Arc, the Japanese visual kei band, stops

Janne Da Arc, the Japanese visual kei band, stops


Today it is announced that "Rei wa / 令和" is the new era in Japan. The Heisei era will come to the end on 30th of April, 2019.



Then one famous band from 90s announced that the band will cease to exist as of 30th of March, 2019.


Yasu, the vocalist, has been on leave because of his throat problem through 2009 and 2016.


Why this timing? At this moment, there is seemingly a big reason for this.


A case with Ka-yu, the bassist.


We can not tell if this is true or not but so far we see this link where some people trying to sue Ka-yu for harassing some women. These women say that Ka-yu threatened them and stole their money.


If this is the case, the justice must be done.


Many fans hope this is not true...

What do you think about the news?

Are you a fan of this band?

What do you think of the news? 

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