Cool Product from Japan: Openable PC Lens Concealer. How to Stop Spying through Your Webcam?

Source: Sanwa Supply

Sanwa Supply release WEbcam Concealer

Cool Product from Japan: Openable PC Lens Concealer. How to Stop Spying through Your Webcam?


We remember that back in 2016 Facebook founder Mr. Mark Zuckerberg was caught having put a stickers on his PC camera and microphone. This was apparently intended to prevent any spying activity via the webcamera. 


People wondered if they should do the same. Since then we see from time to time some people doing the same.


Mark's sticker method is simple and easy. But there is a problem.


The glue of the sticker leaves the mark on the lens and this can blur the picture.


Cool item is released in Japan from Sanwa Supply.


1274JPY (incl. VAT)


This is a sticker with an open-able tiny door. When you use the camera, you can open it and when you do not, you can close to keep your privacy.


How cool is this?


The question is that now the camera can be sealed. How about the microphone? Can this be also useful?


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