Updated: Coronavirus Japan Event Cancellation Information, live, concert, festival

Updated: Coronavirus Japan Event Cancellation Information, live, concert, festival

onegai kaeru all rights reserved
onegai kaeru all rights reserved

The coronavirus case is spreading more and more in the world.


We quickly gathered the best practice from our colleagues in China and Italy HOW TO SURVIVE CORONAVIRUS SITUATION IN JAPAN and also put the map to show where corona infections (the status of the patients) have been found in Japan (HERE).


We also produce EU certified masks in China right now to help the situation (contact us if you want to order).


In Japan, we saw the live house concerts, restaurants and exhibitions where anyone gathers with other so many people in a closed area as the hot spots to spread the virus.


The government of Japan also "officially and publicly" instructs events to be cancelled or postponed.


Due to the coronavirus, many events are supposed to be cancelled. Some in Japan even suggest for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic to be cancelled (which we wish not or at worst, postponed !!). The cancellation shall cost 7.8 trillion JPY. Not cheap..


"Take On Me" Norwegian musician A-ha canceled the Japan tour in March in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagoya.


Every year many people outside of Japan visit Japan to attend their events.

We already saw some cases where some people bought expensive flight and event tickets and flew to Japan only to find out their event was cancelled. None of our customers but we do not want anything like this to happen to anybody so we set up this information portal.


Is the venue or your event already cancelled? How to get your money back?


We are sincerely hoping the situation improves and our normal lives come back soon!

For now, let us protect ourselves by not going to crowded places,washing hands and gargling frequently.

List of venue and event cancelled/postponed due to coronavorus in Japan

Even though we try to deliver information as correct as possible, we can be wrong.


For the correct information, please contact the venue and event organizer. Usually, you can get money back.


We can NOT be responsible for any mistake or wrong information here. 

Event live cancelled in Japan

Event/Live in Japan Cancelled/Postponed
Bob Dylan 1-24 April Cancelled
Thundercat 21, 22, 23 April Cancelled
TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019 ‘TWICELIGHTS’ IN JAPAN 3, 4 March Postponed 15 and 16 April (planned)
Green Day 25, 27 March Postponed 26, 27, 29 March, 2021 (planned)
Avril Lavigne 8 May Postponed Jan or Feb, 2021 (planned)
Daydream festival Nagashima 19 April Cancelled
LifeSign 2020 19 April Cancelled
Bonobo 17, 18 April Cancelled
Mac DeMarco 15-24 April Cancelled
Khalid 7 April Cancelled
Tom Walker 2 April Cancelled
NEWS Miyagi Live Tour 2020 7, 8 March Postponed 27 and 28 May (planned)
Kanjiani Eight 11, 12 March Shimane, Tottori, Ibaraki Postponed to 22 and 23 April (planned)
Sexy Zone 14, 15 March Fukui Postponed to 6 and 7 June (planned)
MISIA June 18 Omiya Sonic Cancelled
Tohoku Youth Orchestra Cancelled
HoneyWorks March 20 Zepp Tokyo Postponed to 29 April (planned)
Tokimeki Jambori 12 April Cancelled
Hound Dog 13 and 14 March Toyosu PIT Cancelled
UNIONE 14 March Cancelled
SO.ON project TOKYO 13 March Zepp DiverCity TOKYO Cancelled
ULTRA TEENS FES - 2020@TOKYO Cancelled
KAZUYOSHI SAITO LIVE TOUR 2020 "202020" Postponed to August (planned)
Highschool Children PLEASURE PLEASURE 11 March Cancelled
(K)NoW_NAME 14 March Veats Shibuya Cancelled
MUCC / Nothing's Carved In Stone 12 March LIQUIDROOM Cancelled
Yuki Kana Birthday Live 14 March Cancelled
Koji Miyamoto 13 March Ichikawa city Cancelled
INSOO  March 13 Yokohama YTJ Hall Postponed
MAMAMOO 15 March Toyosu PIT Cancelled
Luck Life 15 March Line Cube Shibuya Postponed
THE HIROTO 14 March  Daikanyama SPACE ODD Postponed
Nigami 17 sai 16 March Shibuya WWW X Cancelled
Victor Rock Festival Cancelled
ROAD TO EX 2020 ~EXHIBITION MATCH  15 March Postponed
Kindan Nama Radio Birthday Party 15 March Cancelled
 Kaf 23 March Zepp DiverCity Cancelled
KIRINJI TOUR 2020 Postponed

Venue closed in Japan

Venue in Japan Close/cancelled until...
Snoopy Museum 13 March, 2020 (planned)
Sony Music Museum 13 March, 2020 (planned)
Spa Resort Hawaiians in Iwaki 15 March, 2020 (planned)
Takarazuka Theatre Undecided
 Yoshimoto Kogyo Undecided
Kasai Rinkai aquarium 15 March, 2020 (planned)
Ueno Zoo 15 March, 2020 (planned)
Yomiuri Land 15 March, 2020 (planned)
FujiKyu Hightland 8 March, 2020 (planned)
Yokohama Anpanman Museum 15 March, 2020 (planned)
Tokyo Disney Land 15 March, 2020 (planned)
Tokyo Disney Sea 15 March, 2020 (planned)
Universal Studio Japan, Osaka 15 March, 2020 (planned)
Daimaru Matsuzakaya department stores All in store majore events cancelled
Mori Museum 13 March, 2020 (planned)
Mori Arts center 13 March, 2020 (planned)

Help others about cancellation

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