How to Survive in Coronavirus in Japan? Very Easy but Critical Tips

How to Survive in Coronavirus in Japan? Very Easy but Critical Tips

Spring around the corner in Japan  Source: onegai kaeru
Spring around the corner in Tokyo, Japan Source: onegai kaeru

So many users contacted us about the situation in Japan about the coronavirus. As new information comes, we try to update this article.


As of June, 2020 many shops are open in Japan. Museums and theme parks also open with some restriction rules. 99% or even 100% people wear masks in Japan except for some parks.


Many had to cancel their trips. Many bought concert tickets in Japan which were cancelled amid this situation. Sadly some people even flew to Japan to find out the concert or event being cancelled (not our users). Here is the latest list of event cancellation/postponement in Japan. 

Do we have the coronavirus cases in Japan?

We hope this is a fake news. This above business insider chart shows how "small" the test in Japan done. Imagine Japan did the same scale of test like South Korea? Of course, Japan is an island separated from other parts of the world.


Do we have the coronavirus cases?




In Japan, we hear the news here and there every day. In many cases, mass of people got contracted in live houses, events etc.


What makes us more worried is the Japanese government is not doing enough to prevent. The actual case in Japan seems a lot, far more than officially reported!


The actual test done in Japan is far far less than many other countries.


Very dangerous in Japan with the corona?


No, we do not "feel" so.


So far we have not heard of huge epidemic happening in Japan, even though there so called "cluster" incidents happening here and there. And we do not see hospitals full of patients.


The government may have known it should be fine like this. Then if so, we would like to know their reasoning.

man in 50s went around trying to give virus in Aichi

We even had a case in Gamagori, Aichi where this 50 year old guy who found himself contracted, after he found it, went around bars hugging people etc. to give the virus deliberately.

In one Philippine pub he visited, one of the Filipino worker got contracted.


Quite stupid and sad.


What makes this news even sadder is that the guy passed away sometime after this incident.  Very bad and very sad news.  

Small tips how to protect

There is no perfect way to protect you against this coronavirus esp. where we see so many doctors who are the experts of hygiene and protection have been the victims of this virus.


Some friends are in China, some friends are in Italy, we gathered some common tips how to survive in this coronavirus pandemic. 

This does not help you 100% but we put our best practice...

Spring around the corner in Japan  Source: onegai kaeru
Spring around the corner in Japan Source: onegai kaeru

Here are some tips we think effective. Not 100% or far from 100%, we are sure. We will update the tips as more information becoming available.


1. Wear mask! (in Japanese, called MA-SU-KU) You protect yourself and everyone around you. This virus is contagious even before symptoms appears. If you need, we have some masks to sell. But usually your country should have some supply for you.


2. Wash your hands and do not touch mouth, eyes and nose as much as you can. We hear the virus can get into your body through your eyes and nose as well as your mouth. If you can not wash your hands, sanitize your hand with a sanitizer (in Japanese, called SHOU-DOKU-EKI )


3. Stay away from crowds. Limit your activities to very need base.


4. Do not touch things in public with your bare-hands. For example, you touch a door nob of a shop and touch your eye or nose, a pretty bad move (read 2. above!).


5. Minimize handling cash to pay. Try to use e-payment in Japan. You can get PASMO or Suica, a traffic card, or Paypay with QR code. If you you use cash, sanitize your hands afterwords. 

Japan is still a cash centered country so you can not avoid using cash.


6. Sanitize your phone, credit card, ID or anything you use outside.


7. Gargle when you are back home and when you can. You can just gargle with a water or gargle disinfectant syrup ("U-gai Gu-su-ri" in Japanese).


8. Take shower more often. Some people do not take a shower for two days or so. Our recommendation is to take the shower at least one time a day after you are back from outside.


9. This is completely up to you if to follow or not but we try to take some walk from time to time. Do some exercise. It becomes very stressful to stay in door worrying about the virus. We avoid the crowded areas.


Need to stay mentally healthy as well as physically.

Coronavirus situation map in Japan


Here is the map to show where coronavirus infections have been found in Japan. Not super latest but updated from time to time. Also the locations on this map are NOT exact. Many of these infected people moved around before found to be infected so we must think anyone could be infected around you in Japan and simply need to protect ourselves!


Do not panic too much the number in the circle is not the number of infected but it shows the patient is found how lately. For example, if "565", it means the patient is the 565th patient in Japan.

stay safe and make wise actions!

We have big respects for those who fight against this coronavirus situation; People in medics, people in logistics, people in factories to produce masks, sanitize etc. All farmers to grow foods for us and all in the world.


Thank you!!

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