Kyoto Animation Start Recruiting 2020!

Kyoto Animation Start Recruiting 2020!

Kyoto Animation announced that the company is accepting applications.

The company suspended the recruiting because of the corona situation.


The studio accept applications for several interesting positions within the company.


The positions are e.g.



3DCG (modeling, rigging, effect, animation)



web production,



systems engineers,


for both fixed-term such as one year and year-round periods, along with many others. Some positions are for Tokyo office.


Some positions are only for the 25 year old or younger people.


The payment is around 1000JPY per hour, 210,000JPY per month depending on the position.


The application window opens from 3rd of October, 2020, to 25th of September, 2021. While applications were accepted, recruitment has been postponed due to the corona pandemic.


For more details, please check their official sites 


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