Kochi Want to Be Anime hub

Kochi Want to Be Anime hub

Kochi want more anime industry to settle down

You know Kochi prefecture is one very beautiful place you should visit. We were there sometimes visiting one of the clearest rivers called Niyodo-river in Japan.


2022 9th of Nov will see the Anime Damashi Summit in Kochi city.


Around 40 anime related companies such as Shogakkan Shueisha, Kadokawa, Kaiyodo, Studio Eight Colors(based in Kochi city) etc. gather for the meeting.


This shall be part of the Kochi Anime Creator festival - Project Zero to be held in Kochi city, Nankoku city and Susaki city, Kochi pref.


Kochi pref tries to invite more animation related industry to be based there and also create more animation content based on Kochi area.

This way, the prefecture believes it can create more jobs and attract more population as well as more local tourism.


There are many animator wanna bes not only in Japan but also around the world. We hope this project goes well.


At  this moment, Susaki city is making a long animation work based on the city.


The summit shall be on the 3rd floor of Golden Pacific of Hotel Nikko Kochi from 11:30AM on 9th Nov, 2022.


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