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What is Craft Beer, how to get it? What is Happoshu/fake beer in Japan?

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Craft Beer Scene in Japan

In 1994 due to the alcohol production law change reducing the obligatory production amount, small and medium size companies could enter the beer production.


At the beginning more than 300 companies entered beer production market. Towards 2000s there were alcohol tax regulation changes which resulted in the high tax on "real beer" and the creation of "Happoshu (発泡酒) or fake beer/low malt beer".


The basic rule is the more malt, the higher tax.


Using less than 50% of malt and the Japanese economy slowing down, this fake beer gained a big market share. And the same time, this drove many craft beer breweries out of business. In 2003 the number of craft beer companies was around 200. Today you may only find this happoshu if you go to some cheap Izakaya.


Today there are more and stronger fan base for craft beer in Japan thus the growth rate for these breweries is on average 10% (Teikoku Data Bank).


23rd of April is "the day of Craft Beer" in Japan. 

Japan Craft Beer Club

There are over 200 brands of craft beer in Japan. If you are outside of the country, you have no good access to it. In the past there have been our members who asked us to select and deliver them a set of craft beer from Japan.


As we try to make people happy around the world, we created this Japan Craft Beer Club.


With this monthly basis craft beer subscription service, we carefully select a set of the local beer from around Japan.


You may know the major brands i.e. Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin, Orion and Suntry but there are so many more craft beer in Japan. We do not put these unless you have a request (there are seasonal and special beer coming from these major brands too). 


If you have a special request, we also try to put in the package.  

Japanese Craft Beer Community

Our member enjoys the Japanese craft beer community membership to review and communicate about Japan's craft and local beer.

Simple Pricing

The price is 150USD per month (prepay)

10% discount for the 6 month contract (prepay)

30% discount for the one year contract (prepay).


Price include the Free Shipping for the worldwideIf you want also Sake, we can combine the shipment!



If interested, you can contact and register with us.

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