Why Better to Have Pocket WIFI with You in Japan?

3 problems in Japan

There are some critical points you need to keep in mind when you travelling to Japan.


One with Tattoo, one with credit card and one with WIFI.


If you have tattoo, you may not have an easy life in Japan. Many public hot spring baths prohibit the entry of tattooed people. You may want to check out what it means more in details in our article.


Credit card

Then, the problem the credit card. It is certainly better than before but yet there are many places which do not accept credit cards in Japan. I have had some experience where we went out with some friends from overseas and the friends wanted to treat us. We ate a lot then when the friends wanted to pay with the credit card, the place did not accept the card. In the end we paid all in cash.. 



So now you sorted out the problems with tattoo and credit card.




The last prob to tackle is...WIFI.


Japan has a terrible WIFI access to the public. If you travel to a country side and stay at a local inn, best not to expect to have a WIFI. 


It is highly recommended that you rent a pocket WIFI for the trip to Japan. Probably a company in your country offers the service, where you get the device before you leave your country. It is seemingly convenient but there are occasions where the device does not work well and you have no support in Japan. In this way, it is better to rent it in Japan. Usually you can pick the device up at your airport in Japan and return it by putting it into a post box which is almost all over Japan. Major companies are such Global Advanced Communications and Pururu.


Many devices allow you to connect to it with your friends at the same time ( great when you travelling in a group). When you rent, please be careful to check the usage limit of the device. Sometimes the limit is too low and when you overuse it (the capacity runs out esp. many in your group use it for streaming etc.), you need to purchase more usage capacity.


For example, the below offers one month, two week, one week and 6 month rental portable WIFI in Japan. 

One Month Deal

Two Week Deal

WiFi rental 30 days 501HW Y!mobile wifi 501hw
Price: 4980 JPY (tax incl.) the information as of April, 2016 subject to changes

One Week Deal

WIFI Rental 14 days (2 weeks) 305ZT LTE Ymobile
3980 JPY (tax incl.) the information as of April, 2016 subject to changes

Six Month Deal

WIFI Rental 14 days (2 weeks) 305ZT LTE Ymobile
3240JPY (tax incl.) the information as of April, 2016 subject to changes

WIFI Rental 180days WiMAX Aterm3800R
Price:25920 JPY (tax incl.)the information as of April, 2016 subject to changes

Please note that these are just examples of WIFI rental. The price/term is as of April, 2016 subject to change from time to time. These companies are not supported by us. Therefore, we are NOT responsible in any way for any damage or problem raising from your use of the service of these companies.