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Japanese Real Sake Subscription Service
Japanese Real Sake Subscription Service Source: wikipedia

The sake, Japanese rice wine, has the strict hierarchy and you can see it clearly on the label. 


1. 純米大吟醸酒 Junmai-Daiginjo-shu

The best of the best. 

The rice is polished to 50% or less than 50% of its original size


2. 大吟醸酒 Daiginjo-shu

The second best.

The rice is polished to 50% or less than 50% of its original size


3. 純米吟醸酒 Junmai-Ginjo-shu

The rice is polished to 60% or less than 60% of its original size


4. 吟醸酒 Ginjo-shu

The rice is polished to 60% or less than 60% of its original size


If you are in overseas, you may not see any of these rank of sake unfortunately.  Instead, you often see 清酒 seishu, 純米酒 Junmai-shu, 本醸造酒 Honjozo-shu or even no rank information, these are usually from the big corporations for mass production.

What we try to achieve

We featured several articles on Japanese sake esp. about the good and real sake.


In the last several years we got many requests from our visitors outside of Japan to provide them a great collection of Sake bottles from time to time. After they read our articles, they asked us how they could get these best Sakes of the highest rank and further asked us if there is any team Kaeru can do about this. 


To meet this request, we finally launched the only authentic Japanese sake subscription service. The strong belief behind our service: anybody outside of Japan should have access to the best of the best.


The Best Sake Club

Every month we send you the box of sake which are categorized "the best of the best/real Japanese rice wine". You will receive the Sake lover's starter kit for the first shipment. After that, you receive 2-3 bottles of authentic sake every month.


We called it simply "the best sake club".


In our offering, there are only two sake categories you see:  1. 純米大吟醸酒 Junmai-Daiginjo-shu and  2. 大吟醸酒 Daiginjo-shu, the top 1 and 2 of the whole Japanese wine categories, nothing else. 


We will carefully select Sakes for you. You check out and try to find the 4th ranking, Ginjo-shu, you will have trouble finding it. Even in Japan, you may not come across one of these sake easily.

Simple Pricing

The price is 200USD per month (prepay)

10% discount for the 6 month contract (prepay)

30% discount for the one year contract (prepay).


Price include the Free Shipping for the worldwide. If you want also craft beer, we can combine the shipment!


If interested, you can contact and register with us.

The Best Club Sake REGISTRATION Form

Please keep in mind that due to the restriction of your country's laws, we may not be able to ship alcohol.

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


響 21年 ウイスキー 700ml サントリー [ウイスキー]
価格:64790円(税込、送料別) (2018/7/29時点)

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