Lupin the Third real size figures!!

lupin iii and jigen real size dolls
Lupin and Jigen Daisuke, Lupin the III real size figures ca 180cm each
mine fujiko sexy toy figure
Of course normal size around 27cm figures are also available!!
jigen and lupin iii toy figures
from Lupin III Cariostoro Castle
goemon toy figure
Goemon Ishikawa

We know alomst all animation/manga characters are made into figure collections. So many dolls available for Lupin the Third too.


But... have you ever seen the real size figure on sale?? Around 180cm height Lupin and Jigen Daisuke are available!!


Of course the normal size ( around 27 cm height) figures are also on the market and they are very cool! 


Who is your favourite character from Lupin the Third? Which is your favourite episode?


I like Goemon!


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