Arase Dam Curry Rice in Kumamoto!!

Arase Dam Curry

Source: Asahi News paper
Source: Asahi News paper

Real Arase Dam

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Once a dam is built, it usually stays there almost forever.


But Kumamoto sees a dam to be removed for the first time in Japan.


It is the Arase dam which was built in 1955.


The local people have asked the government to remove it because it caused more flooding problem and also vibration problems. Now the dam is undergoing the removal process ( you can see the progress from this website of the city). The local media reported that since its removal the water is clearer and eels come back to the river.

To commemorate the Arase dam, some shop near the dam started to sell Arase Dam Katsu Karee (Arase Dam Cutlet Curry ) since December, 2012. It is 850 JPY. The cutlet cut into 8 pieces symbolize the eight gates of the dam.

If you have a chance to go to Arase Dam in Kumamoto prefecture, please try and let us know how it is!

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Source: Asashi News paper


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