Which animation character most popular in Japan?

doraemon eats anki pan
Most Japanese kids love Doraemon
sakura panda yuruchara
No Yuruchara in the list and fringe characters stay fringe unfortunately

On 12th of March, 2013, a market research company, Video Research Ltd., published the popular animation character as of Dec 2012.


For the kids, Doraemon landed on 1st place (74.9 % support), then comes My Neighbor Totoro and Micky Mouse (both 62.4% support), 4th Drum Master (Taiko no Tatsujin by Namco) (60.6%), 5th Super Mario (60.01%).


When the kids category divided into girls and boys, girls love Rilakkuma most, Mickey Mouse second and Minnie Mouse third ( good job Disney!). For boys, the rankings are Doraemon, Super Mario and Pocket Monster Best Wish.


For the mum, My Neighbor Totoro won the most popularity (64.3%), Mickey Mouse was 2nd (56.6%). The third was Miffy (54.1%) followed by Heidi, Girl of the Alps (52.2%) and Sazae-san (51.9%).


Notably, more game characters gain popularity in kids and the mum supposedly not from the generation of video game(esp. girls did not play video games 20-30 years ago) gave points to nice and old characters from their times.


Also interesting to see Hello Kitty was not the most popular as I expected. It ranked at 18th position for mothers and 10th for girls.


The company asked 617 people within 30km from JR Tokyo station, 3-12 year old kids and their mothers. The research was from 3rd of Dec till 9th of Dec, 2012.


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