X Japan World Tour 2014 Announced

madame Tussauds show X Japan wax dolls Yoshiki Heath Sugizo Pata
Madame Tussauds show X Japan wax dolls Source: ORICON NewS inc./X Japan/Mantan Web

X Japan members held a press conference on 20th of May, 2013. The drumer Yoshiki told X Japan will be on the world tour in 2014. It has been 1 year and 9 month past since its last world tour in 2011.


On this conference there were also the wax dolls of the members except for Toshi, whose doll is in production at this moment. 


The wax dolls(each of them costs 21million JPY to make taking measurements of 150-200 points on the body of each member) of X Japan will be shown at Madame Tussauds in Odaiba Decks, Tokyo.


Madame Tussauds in Odaiba:

Fee: Adult  1900JPY at the gate (1450JPY online sale) Kids 1500JPY at the gate (1200JPY online sale)

N.B. for the online sale you need to fix a day to visit

Opening hour: 10:00AM-21:00 (last entry by 19:00)


Update: X Japan announced one live in the US for 11th of Oct, 2014 at Madison Square Garden, NYC in the US and two lives in Japan 30th of Sept and 1st of Oct, 2014, both at Yokohama Arena.


The tickets on sale from today!! (updated on 7th of Aug, 2014)


Onegai Kaeru team supports overseas fans of J-music to get live tickets etc. 


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