Onegai Kaeru at TOKYO DESIGN FESTA Vol.38 (2013/Nov/03) 緊急告知:Onegai Kaeruのデザインフェスタ出展決定 ブースはF-191~!

Yeeeeehaaaaaa! Ladies and Gents!


Onegai Kaeru have a great announcement to make:

Onegai Kaeru in Design Festa 2013 03/NOV/Booth F-191
Onegai Kaeru in Design Festa 2013 03/NOV/Booth F-191

If that wasn’t already clear enough, we will explain it to you now.


This spring Onegai Kaeru already joined the marvelous and huge art exhibition in Tokyo called ‘Design Festa’. (You might have read about it in Onegai Kaeru report here already.). A small booth was mine for a full weekend and we got the chance to meet many fun people and be part of this crazy colorful event.


Luckily Onegai Kaeru could get a booth (and a even bigger one!!) for the next design event as well, so you can come and pay us a visit! 


There will be new items from Onegai Kaeru as well as the main items like frog tooth/toothies, Geisha phone case, Peacock feather phone case.



Also we are planning some fun events. may also meet the "frog".


Save the date:


BOOTH No.: F-191 (1st floor) at TOKYO BIG SIGHT


ONLY on SUNDAY 3rd of November 2013


++Careful!!! Onegai Kaeru will have the booth only for one day on Sunday and am not available the whole weekend! ++


Below is the map where you can find us:


緊急告知:Onegai Kaeruのデザインフェスタ出展がきまりました~!




Onegai Kareuは、今回は特別に前回よりさらに大きなブースを確保!是非、チームに会いに来てね。







 ブースNo.: F-191 (一階) at 東京ビックサイト



++2日土曜日は出展しないで11月3日日曜だけなので注意してね! ++

design festa 2013 vol. 38 F 191 Onegai Kaeru team will be there!
F 191 Onegai Kaeru team will be there!

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