Sailor Moon Underwear proved Super popular

Sailor moon costume bra sets, sailor moon under wear from peach john
Sailor moon costume bra sets. Check out the official site Source: Naoko Takeuchi, PNP, Toei

Sailor Moon Underwear Super popular


An underwear brand, Peach John, released the Sailor Moon themed underwear. Onegai Kaeru team has been watching how it sells since the launch. It was amazingly poplar.



The original deadline for this sale was till 25 Dec, 2013( and the delivery is around Feb, 2014) but all sold out in the matter of hours..


Like the cosmetic kits of Sailor Moon which was also so popular. We expect there will be second sales and possibly third sales.


Do not worry if you could not buy one this time, as matter of fact, the company announced it will be more mass sales from Feb, 2014.


More info available, we will keep you informed.


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