Disappearing Communities in Japan - Not Completely Bad News. Property Get Super Cheap.


Disappearing communities in Japan. Real estate Cheaper.

Source: NHK Japan
The feeling to lose your home town Source: NHK Japan

Japan sees its population declining. 


Based on the research of Japanese government, between 2010-2015, 190 communities disappeared in Japan. 19% the whole community in the country is expected to be gone by 2050. But it is not always bad for everyone, the property price in Japan is also going down dramatically (affordable home!).


In this article, we explain what is going on with once flourished communities and the housing price in Japan and how to find good properties in Japan.

What is going on in suburbs?

When you travel to the suburb of Japan, you only see old people. We have the name for such a community that is "Genkaishuraku 限界集落 - community at the limit". the definition is more than 50% of the population of the community is over 65 years old. In modern day Japan significant number of communities are this or nearly this type.


A community in Totsugawa village in Nara has only 2 buses per week (and reservation needed). There were over 20 households but today 3 houses with total population of 5. These 5 people plan to move out in April thus the community will be gone after April.

Source: NHK Japan
Source: NHK Japan

Even suburb of Tokyo such as Hachioji also keeps losing its population. For example, Ozu community, Hachioji has now only 80 households.


Some argues the cost to keep the infrastructure for small communities are waste of tax. Not easy topic.

Time to Buy Property in Japan?

It is worrying that many communities are disappearing. If you try to look for a positive side, the property price is record low. Too many houses and too few people in the country.

In the end, not bad for everyone

The trend is that the suburb communities are disappearing. With smaller population, there is not an effective way to stop it. But the land/housing price is going down and the country is more open for foreign buyers. Unlike some communist countries, you can actually own the land in Japan. 


It has been too expensive and too inconvenient to live in suburb (and work in the city). Now land price goes down and more internet enabling remote work becomes a mean of work, moving into Japanese suburb with cleaner air and more nature would not be a bad idea.

How about your country?

How is your country? In some counties, this story is not unique. Share your thought.

Interested in buying properties in Japan?

This way, properties are affordable and quite cheap. We see some apartments less than 10,000USD in suburb. With the relatively safe standard and the clean environment, you can consider purchasing some properties in Japan. We deal with real estates in Japan. You can read more relevant article about the real estate purchase in Japan.


Source: This is the gist in English from the Japanese original coverage by NHK 

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