Real Japan Tourist Information - Legionella, Food poisoning, etc.

Real Japan Tourist Information - Legionella, Food poisoning

We are the big promoter for Japan tourism. We introduce great destinations in Japan. Nobody pay us to do so. Our priority is that the tourists from overseas have the great time here in Japan.


And we think our new section will be another important information source for you. We share the negative but useful information with you about Japan!


Why we start this?

The other day we were touring Tokyo with some friends from overseas. 


At one Tenpura restaurant (we would not name it for its dignity) we were asked if we need an English menu and we said yes for our friends. 


The staff handed out the English menu. Then, we felt a bit strange to find out that there were only expensive dishes (over 25USD) on the English menu, whereas 8-9USD dishes in Japanese menu. It is not that the restaurant tries to overcharge for the same dish and we are sure it is not that the restaurant intends to only show the expensive menu to foreign tourists. As the place had many types of dishes (some seasonal, some time sensitive), certainly it will be costly to create English menu for all. The foods there were anyway great.



But putting our feet in our friends' shoes, we felt obliged to fill the information gap such as this. We wanted to start from some serious cases.

Please understand!

What we are trying here is only to fill the information gap between the local and the foreign visitor to Japan.


Please note that WE have NO intention whatsoever to harm the reputation of these venues here. We only think it is fair to share the important news with anybody concerned. 


It is exactly the same that if we go to a foreign country where we have no local knowledge at all and when we need to eat, we will be very happy if we can know the place we are about to enter for dinner had a bad food poisoning issue recently. This impacts our decision! 


Some incidents may not be the fault of the operators and also even though being in this list above this does not mean the venue is bad. For the information source, we only source from the public news paper with the valid link (as of the day of listing). We do not put the links of the venues with the incidents (and it is not strange the venue changes its name after the incident in Japan) because it is not easy to say who is wrong 100%. It is usually good to give a second chance.


First we start legionella case and food poisoning case which we are relevant as we go to a public bath/hot spring and eat out a lot. 


If you want us to feature any item topic, please let us know. 

Legionella Case

Often happens with the water. It is inevitable for a country like Japan full of hot spring fans to face the risk of legionella and other diseases transmitted in the public baths such as fungus. There are strict regulations on these so mostly under control but...this still happens. 

In Japan's rainy season (June-July) the incident number increases. 


In 2017 Anaheim Disney land in the US also had to close its water cooling systems due to legionella bacteria. A famous hotel in Casino area of Macau, Parisian Macau, also had the case in 2017. Not easy to prevent...

Venue with the incident When happened News source
Yasato Onsen Yuri no Sato, Ibaraki 2018 April 4 Tokyo news
Kitsuki city Yamaga Onsen Center, Oita 2018 March  Kitsuki city
Houjo En, Ehime 2018 Jan 31 Matsuyama city
Yunohama Onsen Kamiku koshuyokujo, Yamagata 2017 Dec Kahoku news
Yunohama Onsen Shimoku koshuyokujo, Yamagata 2017 Dec Kahoku news
Wako city Akushisu, Saitama 2017 Dec 8 Saitama news
Furusato Onsen Yuashisu, Akita 2017 July 13 Akita Sakigake news
Tashiro Onsen Yuppura, Akita 2017 June 16 Kahoku news
Seibu Chichibu eki mae Matsuri no Yu, Saitama 2017 May 8 Seibu leisure company press
Hondani Onsen kan, Ehime 2017 April 29 Suirikyo press
Miharashi Onsen, Hiroshima 2017 March 17 Sankei West
Petite Hotel Beeken 2016 Aug 12 Joetsu journal
Clean Spa Ichikawa, Chiba 2015 March 6 Chiba News

Food poisoning Case

Like the legionella case, under the strict hygiene regulation we are almost certain about the probability rate to have food poisoning in Japan is lower than many other countries. It still happens in Japan. During the summer season July till Sept where the temperature is high and so wet, food poisoning case increases in Japan.


If you feel strange about what you eat, you better ask the staff. 

Venue with the incident When happened News source
Spa Resorts Hawaiians, Fukushima  2018 May 5  TBS news
Royal Hotel Nasu, Tochigi 2018 April 30 Mainichi news
Taiheikaku, Gifu 2018 April 29 Chunichi news
Kominka Cafe Sora, Shiga 2018 April 26 Mainichi news
Odaya, Fukui 2018 April 25 Mainichi news
Kouriyama Kuwano Sumibiyaki Rin, Fukushima 2018 April 24 Mainichi news
Shichirin Yakiniku An An Kasukabe, Saitama 2018 April 22 Mainichi news

What you look for?

Again (we can not emphasize this enough!!), please note that some incidents may not be the fault of the operators and also even though being in this list above this does not mean the venue is bad. 

What we are trying here is only to fill the information gap between the local and the foreign visitor to Japan.


What info do you want us to share further? If you know useful information for tourists in Japan, please share with us. If you find any information incorrect, please let us know. 

Emergency no. in Japan 110  (Police) 119 (ambulance/fire)

You better have some travel insurance on your trip to Japan and keep in mind the emergency numbers.


110 for police and

119 for ambulance and fire engine.

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Source: Relevant news sites, government press, wikipedia


Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source. These shops are the ones we find online at random for your reference purpose. There is no guarantee whatsoever about the authenticity of the shops and items of any sort.

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