Which Hot Spring Japanese Visited Most in 2018?


Which Hot Spring Japanese Visited Most in 2018?

Kusatsu Onsen Source: wikipedia
Kusatsu Onsen Source: wikipedia

The latest news for hot spring goer around the world. If you are planning your trip to Japan for hot spring tour, here is the list you may enjoy looking into.


In 2018, which hot spring Onsen in Japan was visited most by Japanese? You may not know some of the names. 

1. Atami Onsen

Hot spring profile: slightly alkaline

Location: Shizuoka pref


It is only 50 mins by bullet train from Tokyo to Atami.


The firework festival taking place through year. It is by the ocean and great to visit in summer for swimming.


It was "the place" in Japan for a long time in the past (when the airplanes/bullet train not available yet) in Japan where many people went there on honey moon.

where is it?

2. Beppu Onsen

Location: Oita prefecture

If you love Onsen and try several types of water, this is the place for you. The city has 8 different types of hot spring.

Where is it?

3. Nasu Onsen

Hot spring profile :Hydrogen sulfide

Location: Tochigi

Nasu is a famous Onsen place for 1370 years.

The amount of water coming out is the biggest in Tochigi pref.

Nasu has 7 different hot springs called " Nasu Shichi (7)Yu "。

Where is it?

4. Kusatsu Onsen

You can see the live camera of the "yubatatake" in Kusatsu

Hot spring profile: Acidity (Ph 2.1 at its origin!)

Location: Gunma

Everyone in Japan knows "Kusasu". It is one of 3 big onsens in Japan ( the others being Gero and Arima).

The iconic place is Yubatake - hot spring farm.

32,300 litter of hot spring coming out every minute.

Some of our Onsen friends say Kusatsu is the best onsen. 


Where is it?

5. Kinugawa Onsen

When we were kids, we frequented Kinugawa onsen. It is not so far from Tokyo. 

Where is it?

6. Hakodate Onsen

It is just 10 mins from Hakodate airport. The city has quite nice ryokan and hotels which can oversee the ocean.

Where is it?

7. Shirahama Onsen

It has one of the beautiful beaches Shirahama beach. We went there and saw the water was so clean.

Besides the nice beach, Shirahama has the nice and old hot spring - ca 1350 years old.

Where is it?

8. Ito Onsen

Hot spring profile: lightly salty

34,000 litter per min (3rd biggest amount in Japan)

The area has 10 public baths.

Not far from Tokyo. 

Where is it?

9. Akiu Onsen

Hot spring profile: Lightly salty, Sodium calcium

Location: Sendai, 30 mins by car from the city center

Where is it?

10. Gero Onsen

Where is it?

Which hot spring you have been to? Which one is your favourite? You can share your opinion below.

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