How to Sell and Buy Game Account Game Item? How to avoid the Scam?

How to Sell and Buy Game Account Game Item? How to avoid possible scams?

You can sell game items these days...

How to Sell and Buy Game Account Game Item? Is it allowed?

game trade, you can sell and buy game items
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How to Sell and Buy Game Account Game Item? Is it allowed?


Are you into games? Do you play a lot? Who says playing a game is waste of time. We consider playing game is a great part of fun life and potentially a way of work.


There are markets you can sell your account / in-game item to make profit. And For those who do not want to spend too much time on developing the account and collecting items, you can buy these from others. This type of transaction is called "Real Money Trade or RMT".


Many game companies ban this type of business. So the major market platforms such as Yahoo Auction prohibit this. You need to be aware that if you get involved this type of transaction, you take risk.


And since many people send us request every day if we can assist them with the game account sales, we need to emphasize that we can NOT help with the game account sales. We also can NOT help with a mobile phone in Japan for SMS authorization.


We mention several market places in this article. But we can not guarantee that you can use these with no problem. We have no guarantee of the accuracy of the information here. Please decide by yourself. If not comfortable, do not use.


Esp. when you look for the Japanese game item trading, there are many RMT sites. 

 The well-known ones are RMT Club, Game Trade. 


Non-major ones are for example:



RMT King


RMT Takumi

RMT Dream


One of the major game trading platforms in Japan.

Started in 2016

Official website

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RMT Club

RMT club is another game item trading site.

Official website

As of August, 2020, there are almost 4 million game related items on sale.

How do you make account?

It is super simple. You just put your info in this form. You can use your SNS account to login too. It only takes around 1 min.


You need your Japanese phone to verify the account. We recommend you to ask your friend in Japan to do it for free.




How to sell?

You can list (出品) your account and item by clicking a small red button on the right below corner.


How to buy?

Just search from the search box to find the items you need. 


What can be the risk?

onegai kaeru
onegai kaeru

The other day, our friend talking to us at some Mexican restaurant. She told us that her game account was once hacked and the items she collected for months were all sold. 



The platform tries to prevent any scam. There is a process of escrow so the money does not go to the seller until the buyer confirms

How to avoid scams?

no perfect ways...

So how can you protect yourself from the scams? First all, do not use these types of the sites (dah! ;) ). All transactions have risk more or less.


But if you still insist on using, here are some tips.


1) If you are seller, do not give your Id and password before you get the money. You have what the buyer wants. Try to lead the transaction.

And if you are the buyer, you need to get the ID of the seller and bank details before you give the items.


2) Make sure both seller and buyer exchange the valid ID (personal info such as name, address, contact details.). If the trade is between countries, this is not so strong.


When outside Japan, we are always surprised so many people think Japan is clean and safe, and how trust worthy Japanese people are. But this is not true to a certain degree.

There are so many scam cases even in Japan. In this sense, never try to trade directly. Use some trust worth platform at least.

For the game enthusiast

Interested in Game/animation industry in Japan?

Many asked us if a foreigner has a chance to be in the game/anime industry, the answer is that you have a chance as long as "you are good".

( In fact many animations are made outside Japan as outsourced to such as South Korea and China for cheaper cost. )


One way to enter game/anime technical schools in Japan to learn more knowledge and get support from the schools for job search. Usually good schools have the connection with employers. For some example of the schools, you can check this out [How to study anime/game in Japan?]. 


If you have a great work, we can be your OK agent as your business partner to push your work to the world with professional translation, coordination with the industry.


But remember the industry is super tough for even Japanese to survive. Even you could get a job, the income maybe too low. Most of the animators give up.

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Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source.

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