How was Comiket96 in Tokyo, Japan in 2019?

How was Comiket96 in Tokyo, Japan in 2019?
All rights reserved by onegai kaeru
All rights reserved by onegai kaeru

Comiket in 2019

Comiket96 in 2019 took place on 9-12 August. This article show how it was. For 2020 Winter Comiket info, please check this article.


This is the first time that the event lasted for 4 days. And this was the first time the entry fee charged. Basically everything seems to have gone well.


Comiket organiser employed volunteer 3300 staff.  And also the Comiket fans are usually quite organized.


The size of the event area shall be actually smaller, around 75% of the current size. This is because the Tokyo Big Sight use will be restricted due to the Tokyo Olympic preparation.


At the venue, we saw everyone wear the wrist band. Why? You can see the reason below.


Of course, there are many cosplayers. You can see some of the photos from 2019.

Entry fee for all visitors

Unlike the Comike till now where the visitors did not need to pay, the 2019 Comike shall charge entry fee. You pay the fee or buy the entry, for which you get a " wrist band ", or you buy the paper catalog. Note that DVD-ROM catalog has no ticket (wrist band)!


The reason why DVD-ROM has no ticket is that Kyoshin Print manufactures and sells it. This means that the organiser can not earn much from this sales.


The organizer says the expense of managing the sites will go up because of the 4 day event and smaller event space which results in the less income from advertisement. So here are all you need to know to get the entry ticket. 


We see everyone wear the wrist bands.

How much Entry fee?

For 4 day ticket, it was 2500 JPY for advance ticket and 2000JPY to buy on the day.


One day ticket is 500JPY.

Where to buy ticket?

Where can you buy the entry ticket?


You can buy the advance ticket at Tonaranoana shop, Animate shop, Melon Books.


If you want, you can line-up and buy at the venue but it will be loooong process.

What is Comike? Big dojinshi fair in the world

Comiket is the biggest Dojinshi ("同人誌" / self-published works by animator/comic artist) convention in the world since 1975 (21 Dec). 


We call it "Komike" in Japan. 

This is one good channel to promote yourself as a Manga-ka or Cartoonist in Japan.


When to take place and for how many days?


2019 seems a special event with 4 days.


Usually it takes place at Tokyo Big Sight two times a year ("Summer Comiket" in mid August of every year e.g. 10-12AUG and "Winter Comiket" around the end of every year e.g. 29DEC- 1JAN).


Besides this, there is Comiket Special which takes place every 5 year.


<<How to get a job as Manga-ka or catoonist in Japan?>>

How much to enter Comiket in Tokyo?

As of 2018 it was free to enter the Comike. But now there have been entry fees.

What you need to be careful


For Summer Comike, you take care of yourself for the heat. IT was reported every day there were more than 100 people taken to the care center with possible heat stroke. Bring some cap, enough drink.

We heard of some complaints from the people lining up in the morning outside of the venue that there were no drink vendors who could go around so that you could buy drink from where you lined up. There are many vending machines but not practical when you need to line up with several thousands of people.



Theft ( including Pickpocket) 

There was a report of arrest for pickpocket. If you attended the Comike once, you know the situation is like 8AM in Yamanote line on weekday. So many people. You keep your belongings where nobody can reach easily. 


The photos of the cosplayers are here!

What time should you go the venue? Opening hour

The Comket opens from 10:00AM till 17:00 for the 1st and 2nd day and 10:00AM-16:00 for the 3rd day. For 2019, there will be the 4th day. The opening hour should be more or less the same.

(Subject to a possible change in the future. Check the official website )


still Morning dash?

Although not allowed, it is sort of tradition that the visitors rush out of the station gate from the first train which reaches at Rinkai line Kokusai Tenjijo station ( りんかい線国際展示場駅 ).



It is called " Shihatsu Dash / 始発ダッシュ or the first train dash ".


Well, we can only say do you run or you fall! Stay safe ;)

Location and How to get there?

The location is at Tokyo Big Sight, a convention hall in Tokyo. In 2019, the venue is a bit smaller than normal.


There shall be 3 venues:

West Exhibition Hall

South Exhibition Hall

Aomi Exhibition Hall which is 1.5km away from the other halls.


You need to take JR Shinjuku Rinkai line or Yurikamome line from JR Shinbashi station. 


You get off at Kokusai Tenjijo station ( りんかい線国際展示場駅 ) of Rinkai line or Kokusai Tenjijo Seimon station (国際展示場正門駅) of Yurikamome line.

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Comiket policy

The policy of Comiket is that all participants are equal.

Seller - circle

You need to be selected to be the seller. If selected to be a seller, you need to pay. The normal seller space is a half of a table and two chairs. The seller at the Comiket is called "circle". 


The application starts for the next convention around the time of Comiket. That means if you want to be a seller at the next convention, you need to apply around 6 months in advance.


If you wish to be a seller, you need to apply by post or email. Many applications fail because of just not enough or wrong information in the application format. You make sure you fill in correctly!


More than 36000 circles attend usually


Seller can enter at 07:00AM

This is how it is like in Comiket source: wikipedia
This is how it is like in Comiket source: wikipedia




More than 500000 visitors usually. In 2018 summer there were more than 53000 visitors.


Visitor can line up from 04:30AM and enter at 10:00AM (in fact you are NOT allowed to line up before 04:30AM but many lineup from the day before)


If you want to do a cosplay at the Comiket, you need to apply in advance.


Now the not excessive exposure rules are in use. You should not show too much skin!

careful about several rules at Comiket!!

You must be careful about several rules in Comiket. The similar rules apply also to many Dojinshi Conventions in Japan.


If you want to take a photo/video of someone in the Comiket, unless you blur the person's face, you are not allowed to publish it on your SNS or any sort. If you want to publish, you need to identify yourself with your name and your contact information, the purpose/media details. The organiser is strict with the rules. The penalty could be the eviction from the Comiket.

Share your experience

Have you ever been at any Dojinshi convention? Which one? How was your experience?


<<How to get a job as Manga-ka or catoonist in Japan?>>

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Source: wikipedia, Comiket official website



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