Evangelion Special PENTAX Q10!

TYPE00 Rei Ayamami Model
TYPE00 Rei Ayamami Model Source: Evangelion/Pentax/Khara
TYPE01 Eva-01 Test Type camera
TYPE01 Eva-01 Test Type Model Source: Evangelion/Pentax/Khara
TYPE02 Soryu Asuka Langley  Model  camera
TYPE02 Soryu Asuka Langley Model Source: Evangelion/Pentax/Khara

As a memorial of the big hit movie, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, PENTAX announced it would release the special model of PENTAX Q10.


There will be three types:

TYPE00: Rei Ayanami model


TYPE02: Soryu Asuka Langley


Each model only limited number of product for sale:1500

You can check these products out at the camera&photo imaging exhibition, CP+2013 in Pacifico Yokohama, in Yokohama, Japan on 31st of January-3rd of February, 2013


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