Warm Water Toilet Seat in all public toilets? Wakayama Prefecture tries!!

wakayama toilet japanese toilet washlet warm water
Can Wakayama be the heaven for cold toilet seat haters?

Everyone hates sitting on the cold toilet seat in the cold winter day. 


So many people here use the warm toilet seat at home.  In Japan you see often the warm toilet seat in restaurants and many hotels.


But the last place you expect to see this is in the public toilets.


Well, Wakayama prefecture in western Japan understands that.

The Wakayama government announced it will replace the old toilet in public place with the new warm toilet seat with warm water functions by 2014. According to the local government there are 450 public toilets in Wakayama and 30% of them are already with the warm water toilets. It will spend around 400mil JPY to change the rest. Also it plans to change the old style "pit" toilet to a water flushing type and put the western style toilets where only Japanese style available.

The Wakayama government says it wants to give a good impression to the people visiting the prefecture.

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