Probably the weirdest curry in the world. And...Its background story. [ Closed permanently now ]
Poo curry in hand. The owner Mr. Ken Shimizu, a famous adult video actor and director in Japan. He sometimes works in the restaurant
Poo curry in hand. The owner Mr. Ken Shimizu(aka Shimiken), a famous adult video actor and director in Japan. He sometimes works in the restaurant Source: official website

Onegai Kaeru News![ UPDATED in Feb, 2017]


You probably have heard of concept restaurants like jail theme bar, mental hospital theme restaurant, Alice wonderland theme cafe, robot restaurant etc.


But none of the above can beat this place, we guess.


This is probably the weirdest curry in the world!? Onegai kaeru team found a strange restaurant in Tokyo. This restaurant just opened some days ago (on 16th August, 2015).


This curry shop claims to serve you a curry with taste of " human poo".


This shop, opened by an adult movie actor and director, Mr. Ken Shimizu(aka Shimiken), did "extensive research" to develop curry which tastes exactly like poo.

The ingredient includes Swertia tea, bitter melon etc. Well, do not worry, there is not a real poo inside. All made from non-poo ingredients.


To give you the "real" feeling, your curry served in a dish in a shape of traditional Japanese toilet. 


One research company conducted one study asking if they want to go to this restaurant on 400 men and women (20-30year old). More than 85% of them answered "No". 


[ UPDATE: Unfortunately (or fortunately?? ) the restaurant is closed permanently on 4 of Jan, 2017 ] 

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The meal is served in the dish in a shape of traditional Japanese toilet Source: official website
The meal is served in the dish in a shape of traditional Japanese toilet Source: official website

Background of this concept( as far as Onegai Kaeru team guessed):


So why Mr. Shimizu came up with this idea to serve curry tasting like sh*t?

For non-Japanese person, this news would sound just super stupid. As Japanese, we understand to some degree "this joke". If you are male and grew up in Japan, you most likely have heard "the extremest question of life(人生最大の質問) ", a play where you ask your class mates a very difficult and stupid question. One of the typical questions of this play is "whether you will eat poo with the taste of curry or curry with the taste of poo".

Source: official website
Source: official website

So how would you say about this place? If you know any weirder restaurant, please let us know!


Shop info:

Name: Curry shop Shimizu( カレーショップ志み津 )

Official website (all in Japanese)



Curry portion ( claimed to be very un-tasty)

S: 400JPY

M: 600JPY

L: 1000JPY ( you will get a special sticker if you finish the L size as a prize and proof of your great work)


Rice portion( claimed to be tasty cooked with olive oil)

S: 100JPY

M: 150JPY

L: 200JPY


Some drinks(incl. alocohol) starting 500JPY for soft drinks

And you can also buy special T shirts etc.


Address: B1-A Joy park Chitosehunabashi, 1-1-17 Funabashi, Setagaya, Tokyo (near ChitoseFunabashi stn, Odakyu line) (JP: 東京都世田谷区船橋1-1-17 ジョイパーク千歳船橋B1-A)

Opening hour: 18:00-23:00 ( even though, the official website says open for lunch time but not)
Closed: on Tuesday and on "a day when the curry turns out to be tasty( i.e. failed to taste like poo, what a shame... )"


Note: the restaurant warned that 1) customers need to wear the clothes which are okay to get stinky, 2) the toilet is only for women in the restaurant and 3) if customers lining up, you need to order one item from the menu every 30 mins.


We sincerely hope this restaurant succeeds well but somehow feel it may not last too long. If you are coming to Japan for some trip in the near future, try this place out before it closes. [ Now we know it did not do well...]


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Source: Wikipedia, the restaurant's official website


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