Old Nakasendo walk super walk from Tokyo to Kyoto. How to Walk from Tokyo to Kyoto? Where to Stay? What to Eat?

My "long walk shoe ". At Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The starting point of Nakasendo All rights reserved by onegaikaeru
My "long walk shoe ". At Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The starting point of Nakasendo All rights reserved by onegaikaeru

Can you walk from Tokyo to Kyoto ( or Kyoto to Tokyo), how many day to take? How much to cost? Yes, you can do it. And you will find all answers here.


We walked from Tokyo to Kyoto. When we say this to friends, they always get so surprised saying "what?", "how?" and then also "why???".


You probably have been to Japan and may have traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto...by the bullet train. It is around 2.5 hour by the high speed train. It costs like 200USD per head per trip.

Cost and Time in sum

How much cost/how many days to finish the walk?


Our trip took 22 days and it cost more than 1500USD per head (more than 3000 USD for our team). And during this walk, we could not work properly thus we even lose more by not earning.  


Even though we brought sleeping bags just in case, we stayed at hotels (including love hotels), guesthouses and ryokan/inn. 


For example, in Nagano and Gifu prefectures there are bears (up to 1.5 meter) and many wild animals living which are reported to have attacked the people many times this year (2017). We did not want to risk it esp. because it was just for fun, not a life risking adventure.


In sum, you can walk from Tokyo to Kyoto / Kyoto to Tokyo on Nakasendo route, around 16-20 days one way and allocate 60-100USD per day per head. The cost of Ryokan/hotel does not change much if you stay alone or with one more. It was average 50USD per room.


It was a 22 day walk for us because at some spot one crew had a leg injury and we needed to go to see a doctor, and stop one day and slow down since then. 


Two major Routes Between Tokyo and Kyoto

There are two major route from Tokyo to Kyoto. One is Tokaido line (East Ocean road) and the other is Nakasendo line (Mountain road). 


Tokaido is the route for the bullet train to run today. It is around 490km. It was the most popular road to use to travel. It was the tough route in the past as it passes several rivers which could cause delay and accident which be quite fatal in the past. Today there are bridges. The road is cosy and because of the long time popularity there are major cities along the route so if case you have some issue, you can get the help easily. 


Nakasendo is the other route from Tokyo to Kyoto. It is around 526km. 


It does not run along the coat but as the name suggests it goes in the middle of mountains. It was safer than Tokaido when there was no bridge. Thus, old princess (e.g. Kazunomiya) and daughters of the important people used this road. Well, these girls were carried by the cars so they did not need to walk. Today some parts of the Nakasendo still runs as a part of major logistic route but the other part (Old Nakasendo where we walked) runs in mountains with no pavement and some parts are now claimed as private property so we had to take some detour.

Worth it?

Old Nakasendo some places paved, some not. All rights reserved by onegaikaeru
Old Nakasendo some places paved, some not. All rights reserved by onegaikaeru

You spend 8-9 hour walking everyday. It is scary where bears and hogs are around and you are alone in the big mountain with no mobile phone reception and no internet. What is waiting for you at the goal? Nothing. You have some bills to pay for the food and hotels and train (if you walk for hotel, the way back). 


It is totally NOT worth if you want a normal efficiency.


We met many hikers esp. around Usui, Wada and Shojiri areas (all popular hiking places) but none of them were walking all the way from Tokyo or Kyoto. All the people we talked to did like this: they use train to get the station nearby the mountain and do the hiking and get the train back home.


Many of them were simply surprised that we were doing it all the way.


But if you want to see Japan from 360 degree. You want to go through the old and lonely places of full nature which once flourished in the past and if you want to meet various kind of people on the way.


You come across many things and you wonder "why these are like that", "what does this mean?", "what are these?". Many discoveries if you will have never achieved if you just stay in a big city with internet.


You will learn a lot about Japan.


And it is a great internet detox. Many parts of the trip esp. in Nagano and Gifu shall have no internet nor mobile reception even. You are offline almost all time going through the woods and focus on your foot steps on unpaved road. Just amazing. 


For us, it totally worth it!

Still interested?

So, still interested?  Then continue reading. We share with you some of the practical tips to walk Nakasendo and should be also useful for any long walk trip.


Keep in mind that we are not trained walkers. Rather, we are rather lazy non-sporty type. We only stay in office and dd not sports almost before we did this walk. So some of the tips may not be useful if you are an avid/experienced walker/hiker.

Find proper shoes and socks

Find proper shoes and socks. Do not buy new one use the old one which feel most comfortable.


This is most critical part of this trip. More important than any training or anything I write here. It is not just a short walk you take for hours and can stop. This is a continuous walk 20-40km everyday. It is everyday. Even a tiny friction you feel at the corner of your shoe can cause a very serious damage after a while which can slow you down. 

Know your shoes well

What we wore?


My partner got her shoes fitted at a special shoe shop of a sports brand. Well, me? not proud to say but I used the pair of old Crocs which I quite often wore in the past year (and my old Uniqlo jeans). 


 I have never owned running shoes or walking shoes because I am not a sport type so I had to choose my leather shoes for business meetings or my Crocs. It worked for me well.


The key was that You need to know your shoes like old friends. I knew my Crocs so well. I knew they are not perfect. I knew exactly where it gets uncomfortable in what occasions so I tried not to do these things and also mend it. One big prob with these Crocs was that the original strings were synthetic leather and easy to get loose so I got some strings from my partner which she did not need. The strings are quite pink and cool, haha.


Our suggestion is to use the shoes which you wore at least for a year and feel most comfortable with. We do not recommend you to buy new ones just before the trip. My partner who bought the pair of shiny hiking shoes of a famous brand had series of serious injuries caused by the new shoes. 

Do not underestimate Importance of Socks

The socks are also critically important. I was super comfortable in my Crocs.


But there was one mistake.


I used new pair of socks ( some brand socks which are designed for a long walk). I wore these new socks in my comfortable old Crocs.


The socks are kinda thick in some parts for better blood flow etc. This very thickness caused quite pain to me. First I felt conformable with the new socks (as we always do, right?). Yet, I felt a tiny bit tight around my toes. Just after one day where both of my both pinkie toe nail got black due to the pressure  They got painful. Two days after I had to first cut off the toe part of socks to release my bare feet. Blood pressure problem gone but I got more blisters around toes (which I totally knew and tried to prevent by placing some clothes to the friction part but for a long walk these clothes could not keep in one place). In the end, I had to get normal salary man socks at convenience stores since then my problem was gone.


I should have used my old socks like my Crocs.


So do not buy new socks for your walk. Use the ones you use and feel most comfortable with.


Make change now

This may sound like some business speech though... another lesson is to make change as soon as you see an issue ( or even a tiny part of it). I felt it when I first wore the sock but did not make change because the new socks were supposed/marketed to be better and more suited for the long walk and sports, rather than my old normal salary man socks.

Get Nakasendo App

You need to know where you are going. You can get a book on Nakasendo. There is a book which almost all hikers we met on Nakasendo had.


Our recommendation is an app. We paid 300JPY (ca 2.5USD) for one app. There may be no internet but the GPS works so that you can locate yourself.

Pros and cons of app

The pros of Nakasendo app is you always know where you are with GPS. You may have no internet in the mountains but the GPS shows you where you are. The map is usually sing the Googlemap so that you can see what are around based on the latest information.


We helped several hikers who only had Nakasendo books to give them the right direction.


Cons are... that you can not see the height in the map. You can see where the mountains are but you do not see the high area which are not really mountains but almost like mountains.

This means you see the road looks like flat on the app but once you get there, you face many up hills. And you can not look at it when your mobile phone is dead, whereas books do not turn off with no electricity. 

Where to stay on Nakasendo?

Do not expect there are many choices for stay, You need to stay at love hotels  All rights reserved by onegai kaeru
Do not expect there are many choices for stay, You need to stay at love hotels All rights reserved by onegai kaeru

So where to stay during your walk? Are there enough places to stay on the way all time? The answer is NO. Esp. old Nakasendo is kinda dead. This means very few use it thus there are not  " supports (place to stay, place to eat, place to rest etc.) " on the way in many places.


It is not impossible to stick to the road and stay over night. There are many places to stay in Tokyo, Saitama, Shiga and Kyoto. But  you must walk quite a lot to get to the place of stay esp. in Gunma, Nagano and Gifu (the mountain area).

It is not wise to book all of the places of stay before you depart or even several days before. The weather can change and your body condition can change and you do not want to cancel the places.


How to solve this? You need to use some trains at some of the goals. But you do not cheat with the distance. This means that one day you reach the point A. You most likely know there are no places to stay in the point A. Then you take a train from a station nearby the point A and get to the point B where there are some hotels. You stay one night at the point B. Next morning you take train to get back to the point A and start walking. 


We almost always book a place on the same day. This works good in the major cities. There are some times we book the places one day before esp. in the area where there are not many places to stay.


Where you like it or not, you use convenience stores a lot on this trip. You will see many local business dead in the mountain areas. You see a sign of restaurant in the distance and feel happy and walk for 10 mins to find out the place is already shut down. We experience this A LOT. There were some restaurants which had "open" signs but...shut down.


The convenience stores in rural area have the toilet and the eat in area (and if you run out of cash, you can get money fro the ATMs. Well, most of the convenience stores accept credit cards).

Go and stack up at Convenience store in rural area

In a big city like Kumagaya, Saitama, you can eat at restaurants  All rights reserved by onegai kaeru
In a big city like Kumagaya, Saitama, you can eat at restaurants All rights reserved by onegai kaeru

Remember once you are in the rural area of Nagano or Gigu, you find a convenience store, you GO IN. You do not pass it.


In the mountain areas, you get one convenience store, you stack up some food and drink. You will never know where the next convenience store is...

Big mountains on Nakasendo

if you walk from Tokyo yo Kyoto, there are the big mountains to pass from this order:  Usui in Gunma-Nagano, Wada in Nagano and Shiojiri in Nagano.


We also had trouble going on 13 Toge (13峠) in Gifu where there are (more than?) 13 of small-mid mountains to climb and go down in row.


For all these, you better have some walking sticks to protect your knees when going down.


You will learn more about these later on.

To be Continued

From now, we will introduce to you about our Old Nakasendo trip from several practical point of views such as Where to stay?, What to eat?, What to do? and What to be careful? there are bear repellent bells. Does it work? Are there many bears, monkeys and hogs en route?

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