Where Can You Fly Drone in Japan? List of Drone fields in Japan. What are the drone rules in Japan?

Where Can You Fly Drone in Japan? List of Drone fields in Japan. What are Japanese drone rules?

Where can you fly drone legally in Japan? Source: Wikipedia
Where can you fly drone legally in Japan? Source: Wikipedia

JThe regulation is strict in Japan after we saw several drone related accidents. But you can fly it if you choose a right place.


There are so many great photo locations in Japan and drones can be the ideal tool to take magnificent scene.


In this article, we introduce you the list of drone flying/racing field.


There are more and more new drone parks opening in Japan. We also found a drone flight field free of charge!  If you know a new one or great one which we have not featured yet, please let us know!


<< If you want to rent a drone, want to hire a drone pilot and/or video/photo editor in Japan, here is a useful website [ Drone Sharing Club in Japan ]  >>

Drone related rules in Japan

Despite great photo locations in Japan, please be aware that you always need to ask the local government or the owner of the area for permission.


Under the Japanese aviation laws,

1) you are not allowed to fly any drone above 150 meter high

2) you are not allowed to fly any drone in the city area where people live

3) you are not allowed to fly any drone near the airport etc.


The above does not apply only if you apply and successfully receive the permission, and make sure the safety. For the permission, you can check the below section.


Also, you can fly only during the day time (from the sun rise till the sun set).


This is not official information. Please take a necessary step to make sure your action is legal in Japan at your own risk and cost. For more details and exact information, please ask the relevant authority.

Drone flight field in Japan Source: Wikipedia
Drone flight field in Japan Source: Wikipedia

How to apply for drone permission?

For example, the above video has a note from the uploader saying he got the permission from the authority to shoot this.

For the permission for the case 1) and 3) above, you need to apply at the relevant airport office.


For the permission for the case 2) above, you apply at the relevant section (Civil Aviation bureau) of the Milt (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism) of Japanese government.


There are East Japan Civil Aviation bureau and West Japan Civil Aviation bureau. You can see which one to apply depending on the flight location on this map with the green area for East Japan and the blue area for West Japan. In case the flight location is between the east and west, your address/place of stay shall be the area for application.


For uncertainty, you can call +81 570 - 783 - 072 (Opening hour: 09:30 - 18:00 JST only weekday)


You need to apply at least 10 business days in advance before the planned flight. As the high amount of application, the ministry recommends to apply 3 - 4 weeks before the flight.


This is not official information. Please take a necessary step to make sure your action is legal in Japan at your own risk and cost. For more details and exact information, please ask the relevant authority.

What is Radio Control Insurance?

Many asking you to have this insurance

You may notice many venues ask you to have a radio control insurance ( Rajikon Hoken / ラジコン保険). To get this insurance, you first need to be a member of Japan Radio Control Safety Association ( 日本ラジコン電波安全協会 ).


The membership fee is 4500JPY per year. The insurance is only for hobby use, not for business you and you need to read through the terms and conditions to see in what case you are eligible etc.

You can get the details from this tel number +81 3 3984 3165 and this insurance company.

Drone Flying and Racing field List of Japan

Where can we fly our drones free of fear of breaking laws in Japan? Here is the list of drone flight/racing field in Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. You see many places esp. around Tokyo such as Chiba, Ibaraki, Saitama.


We are updating this list from time to time. If you know a good drone flight field, please let us know.

Drone flight field list complete list latest list in Japan Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia


Yamatsu Hiko Space Miyagi (Flight space Miyagi)

Name: Yamatsu Hiko Space Miyagi (八万通 – やまつう 飛行スペース 宮城)

Opening hour:  From the sun rise till sun set 

Fee: 3500JPY (for one day) and if you are the first time, registration fee costs 3240JPY.

Address: Nojomach, Imashuku KawasakiShibata District, Miyagi Prefecture, 989-1502

Contact: +81 70 5625 3028 (0:900-17:00. This is office hour. It does not necessarily matches the opening hour)

Official website

Note: YOU MUST BOOK in advance. There are many insects. Better take the insect repellent. Parking space for max 8 cars


Tohoku Drone race Club

Name: Tohoku Drone Race Club (東北ドローンレースクラブ)

Opening hour: 09:00 - the sunset

Fee: Visitor 2000 JPY (for one day). Monthly and yearly membership also available.

Address: 960-0113 Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi, Kitayanome, Takenohana−34−1

Contact: + 81 24-573-5121

Official website

Note: You need to have a remote control item insurance. Pay in advance etc.


Maiko drone field

Name: Maiko drone field in Maiko Kogen (highland) hotel (舞子ドローンフィールド)

Opening hour: 09:00 - 16:00 (open from 24th April, 2017 - 9th Nov 2017)

Fee: 2000JPY for 3 hours and 3000JPY for full day

Address: Niigata-ken, Minamiuonuma-shi, Maiko, 2056-108

Contact: + 81 25-783-4100

You can book this hotel from the below link!

Note:  Must make reservation. 3 days before the visit. The reception is at the Maiko Kogen Hotel lobby on 1st floor. There is a parking space for cars.


Koga city Drone training field

Name: Koga city drone training field (古河市 ドローン練習場)

Opening hour: na

Fee: Free (YES, it is free but check the note below)

Address:  510-1 Tatsuzaki, Koga, Ibaraki (You go there first to sign an agreement. It is on the first floor of Koga Sports Community center)

Ibaraki, Koga, Sakuramachi, 17-43 (Drone flight field)

Contact: + 81 0280-22-3500

Official website 

Note:  Must make reservation by calling the above tel no. and must have a radio control insurance


The below is the Koga Sports Community center (aka. Koga Sports Koryu center).

The  below is the drone flight field.

BlueMax Skynet

Name: Bluemax Skynet (ブルーマックス スカイネット)

Opening hour: 09:00AM - 17:00

Fee: 2160JPY for half day, 3240 JPY per day

Address: 1779 Shinishige, Jōsō-shi, Ibaraki-ken (rough address. See the map below)

Contact: + 81 90 3149 9630 (07:00AM - 21:00)

Official website 

Note:  Outdoor field. Must make reservation. Parking space for around 100 cars


Tochigi UAV Field

Name: Tochigi UAV Field (とちぎUAVフィールド)

Opening hour: 3 time slots 09:00- 12:00, 13:00- 16:00 and 09:00 - 16:00

Fee:pls, check the website

Address: 989 Tomurochō, Sano-shi, Tochigi

Contact: + 81 284-41-0281 / uav@koyosvpl.co.jp

Official website

Note:  Need to register and pay first. Because the field is in the mining area, you also need to get some safety instruction before you enter the area.


Oiwa Flower Garden

Name: Oiwa Flower Garden(大岩フラワーガーデン)

Opening hour: 9:00 - 17:00

Fee: 09:00- 13:00/12:00- 17:00 1000JPY, or  09:00- 17:00  1500JPY, or  500JPY per hour

Address: 3215 Nakanojo, Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture

Contact: + 81 279-66-2252

Official website

Note:   It is in the Oiwa Flower Garden. During the flower blooming time, the drone field is closed. You can also apply as a bird repellent squad using drone for free but you need to be serious about the job. 


Staitama Drone Training field

Name: Saitama Drone Training Field (埼玉ドローン練習場)

Opening hour: 09:00 - the sun set (open only on weekday. You need to ask if you want to use it on weekend)

Fee: 09:00 - 12:00 10000JPY for 4 ppl, 12:00 - 17:00 (till the sunset) 10000JPY for 4 ppl, One day fee (09:00 - 17:00 the sunset) 18000JPY for 4 ppl.  ( additional person costs 2000JPY )

Address: 1472 Nakakugi, Nishi-ku, Saitama city, Saitama

Contact: + 81 80 1019 5840 / htana58@gmail.com

Official website

Note: Outdoor field. Car parking space for 4, 5 cars. 4275m2 drone flight space ( 45m x 95m )

Indoor Drone flight field Acro + (acro plus)

Name: Indoor drone flight field Acro +(ドローン専用屋内飛行場 Acro +)

Opening hour: 400JPY per hour. 3500JPY per day

Address: 352 Sasakubo Shinden, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama city, Saitama

Contact: + 81 48-872-7181

Official website

Note:  Indoor field. The racing field decorated by 18,000 LED lights.


Close to Tokyo. There are many drone flight fields in Chiba.

Drone Village

Name: Drone Village(ドローンビレッジ)

Opening hour: 13:00-22:00 on weekday and Sat, 11:00AM-20:00 on Sunday and holiday

Fee: 1000JPY

Address:  941 Shimadadai, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba-ken

Contact: + 81 47-489-1313 / info ( a ) dronevillage.co.jp 

Official website

Note: this company provides a drone school, video shooting as well. Indoor (a cool racing circuit using an old house) and outdoor field

Sky Game Splash

Name: Sky Game Splash(スカイゲームスプラッシュ)

Opening hour: na. (but if you want to rent a whole place, you can do so 10:00-16:00. Thus we assume this is opening hour)

Fee: 800 JPY per hour, more than 4 hours 3200JPY. If you are female, or high school student or younger, the price is subject to 50% off.

Address:  Chiba-ken, Chiba-shi, Wakaba-ku, Kaneoyachō, 498

Contact: + 81 43 312 1396

Official website

Note: Parking spot for free

Drone Tech Outdoor Training field

Name: Drone tech outdoor training field ( DRONE TECH屋外トレーニング場 )

Opening hour: na

Fee: 3000 JPY per hour

Address: Chiba-ken, Chōsei-gun, Nagara-machi, Ueno, 521-4

Contact: + 81 80-5678-8060

Official website

Note: You need one hour mandatory orientation (free of charge 1 hour) and training session (5000JPY, 1 hour if you are new to flying drone) before you use this place. You need to reserve at least 3 hour in advance. It is in a resort facility Seimei no Mori.


Lions Facility

Name: Lions Facility(ライオンズファシリティ)

Opening hour:  12:00- 19: 00 Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday


Member fee: 4320 JPY  

30 mins 2160JPY for member (4320JPY for non-member)

1 hour 3240 JPY for member (6480JPY for non-member)

2 hour 5400 JPY for member (10800JPY for non-member)

Address: 1st floor M. Yoshiwara building 2-10-10 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Contact: + 81 3 6240 2053 / facility@lionsfilm.co.jp

Official website

Note:  You can rent a drone starting with 4320JPY per 30 mins. Indoor field. The company is also an agent for DJI.


Drone Resort Izu no Kodo

Name: Drone Resort Izu no Kodo ( ドローン リゾート 伊豆の古道 )

Opening hour: 3 time slots (each slot is 3 hours) a day 08:00 - 11:00- 14:00 - 

Fee: 10000JPY (if prepaid) / 10800JPY (if paid on the spot) for 3 hours for 1 - 5 people. The venue is available only for one group for one time slot. You have the whole location for yourself.

Address: Shizuoka-ken, Atami-shi, Shimotaga 1714

Contact: + 81 80-2262-1144 / info@izunokodo.org

Official website (book from this link)

Note: You must make reservation in advance to use this venue


Forest in

Name: Forest In

Opening hour: 08:30 - 18:00 

Fee: 3000 JPY for a whole day. 

Address: n.a. you first need to write to the owner. Get the idea from the map.

Contact: write to this Email

Note: This venue has the full net so it is outside but it is "indoor". This means you can fly your drone freely. First you need to show your skill to the owner. If your drone got into the net, you need to pay the penalty of 10000JPY.


Madarao Kogen Hotel

Name: Madarao Kogen Hotel

Opening hour: 08:00 - 17:00 (closed during the ski season)

Fee: 2000JPY for a half day and 3000 JPY for a whole day. 

Address: Nagano-ken, Iiyama-shi, Iiyama, 11492−321

Contact: + 81 269-64-3211 / their official FB site (tel/FB for reservation)

Official website

Note: You need to have a radio control insurance. The field is in a hotel venue. If you stay at the hotel, you can get a discount on the feeTo book this hotel, you can do so from here! 


Drone Pictures and Creators Association

Name: Drone Pictures and Creators Association

Opening hour:  n.a.

Fee: You need to be a member first. Registration fee starts at 1000JPY up to 10000JPY and the yearly fee starts at 3000JPY up to 20000 

Address: this association has several locations not only in Kyoto but also Hyogo (Kobe)

Kyōto-fu, Uji-shi, Nishikasatori, Kurode-5

Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Minami-ku, Higashikujō Nishiiwamotochō, 10-2

Hyōgo-ken, Sasayama-shi, Kondachō Honjō, 3

Contact: + 81 75 606 6865 11:00 - 18:00 except for weekends / Contact form

Official website

Note: This venue is not for hobby use (no visitor fee available). It is for membership via training session etc. and business use only.


Sky Ground

Name: Sky Ground (スカイ・グラウンド) 

Opening hour: 09:00 till the sunset

Fee: You need a membership to use this place. The membership costs 54000JPY. 2000 JPY on weekday and 4000JPY on weekend for 09:00 - 12:00 / 12:00 till the sunset. 3000 JPY on weekday and 6000JPY on weekend for 09:00 till the sunset. Other plans also available.

Address: Hyogo Prefecture, Kato, Kume, Minamiyama 1017-14

Contact: +81 798-81-5390 (09:00- 18:00, closed on Sat, Sun and national holiday) 

Official website

Note: You must make reservation. Call if you plan to use the place within 2 weeks, otherwise use the mail form.


Asahi Tengston Snow Park

Name: Asahi Tengston Snow Park (アサヒテングストン スノーパーク)

Opening hour: 09:00-16:00 (open from the late April till the end of October. The rest of time being open for snow sports)

Fee: 2000JPY per day.

Address: Shimane-ken, Hamada-shi, Asahichō Ichigi, 7600

Contact: +81 855-47-0101 

Official website

Note: Pilot must have the radio control insurance. You must make reservation. You need to call at latest one day before the visit (before 16:00). 20 people max per day. Power plug available.


Fukuoka Drone Skynet

Name: Fukuoka Drone Skynet (福岡 ドローン スカイネット)

Opening hour: na

Fee: na

Address: na

Contact: splio91@yahoo.co.jp 

Official website

Note: na


Nanten Drone Park

Name: Nanten Drone Park (南天ドローンパーク)

Opening hour: 09:00 - 17:00

Fee: e.g. 12500 JPY for 2 hour for the weekend deal

Address: Okinawa-ken, Kunigami-gun, Higashi-son, Taira, 380-1

Contact: + 81 980-50-0660 (09:00-16:00)

Official website (you can book from this website)

Note: Opened in 2016. You are supposed to bring a pair of sunglasses (for the strong sun) and towel (for sweat). If you want to record some video, bring a micro SD card (otherwise, you can buy it).

Have a safe flight!

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Source: Wikipedia, All About, official website of each theme park


Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source.

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