New Fuji's Singing Show Appoints Gackt as Judge

Asia Versus reality show from Japan, the judge will be Gackt
Source: Fuji TV

Fuji TV's new reality song contest shows called "Asia Versus" is for anybody dreaming of becoming a singer one day in Asia.


This TV shows go through Youtube and other streaming sites to find "singers". The final winner will have chance to get promoted as a super star, smilar to POP Star, Got Talent shows in overseas.


The host is Jeff Miyahara who supported Namie Amuro, Kana Nishino etc.


Amogst several judges from Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Japan, it was announced that Gackt will be the judge from Japan.


This show will be aired from 19th of April from 03:05-03:35 (mid night), and thereafter every Friday 02:05-02:35 (mid night). This show plans to be aired in Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia. 


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