Friend Rental Service in Japan

Friend Rental Service in Japan

Official site says the company is open from 08:00AM till "25:00"! Source: Clientpartners official site
Official site says the company is open from 08:00AM till "25:00"! Source: Clientpartners official site

Rent a friend?

Friend Rental Service in Japan


When feeling stress, people find talking to friends sometimes helps. In this busy world, it is not always friends are around to talk or go out with you.


Can you actually rent a friend like car?


<<Mid aged man rental is normal in Japan, here to find out more about why popular?>>

Yes, you Japan

"Yes", you can in Japan.


We introduce one company as an example so that you can get the idea how it is like. 


The company, Client Partners, which is a well known detective agency in Shibuya, Tokyo lends "friend".


Price is 800USD for 11 hours (the price info from Asahi News, possibly different depending on cases).


The official website says as example this service suitable for those who:


1. feel so shy to go to a sport gym alone and need somebody to come with


2. do not want to play with a stranger at a game center


3. need somebody to replace a (real) friend who could not come to a party/event


4. freshly moved to a new city and need some friend to show around and drink together


Some reasons may be okay but the reason No. 2? Come on.. 


Well, this type of service is not so strange in Japan.


Similar companies? Why popular in Japan?

Onegai Kaeru team knows there are several companies like this one offering service to attend a wedding as a father/mother/friends of the client or so(one wedding costs around 120USD). You can see the list of this type of service in Japan.


Some people have a problem with their parents and cannot invite them for the wedding. But because of an issue like "face issue" for their partner's side some people use this type of service.



You find why this type of business has been normal in Japan (and Asia) here!

Share your experience

Some use this service to disclose a crime inside the company (a useful maybe as an anti retaliation measure ). Some use to quit his/her company. Some try to keep the face..


Have you used this kind of service? How is your country? Do you have a similar service in fact? If anybody used this service, please share your experience!

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