Pink curry and Blue curry from Japan
Pink curry in Japan! Source: Ooenoki an website
Pink curry in Japan! Source: Ooenoki an website 980JPY(special package)
Blue Slime curry!!   Source: Village Vanguard webiste
Blue Slime curry!! Source: Village Vanguard webiste 1080JPY

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So sometimes we get so hungry but lazy. On such a day, Japanese curry rice is one of our favourite foods. It is very easy and fast to cook, and super tasty!


While cooking rice with a rice cooker, we cut some meats and veggies(then microwave veggie for 5mins or so), then stir fry quickly in a pot. After this, pour water in the pot.


After boiling it for some 10 mins, put a curry paste (150-200JPY from supermarket for 4-5 people). Put the rice on a plate and pour the curry over it.  


If we are too lazy to cook, we can also use an instant curry pack.  Bon Curry is a famous one. We put the package into boiling water and wait for 3 mins or so. There are so many variety of the instant curry pack. Many famous hotels sell also their original Japanese curry packs( not as cheap as Bon Curry though).


When checking for some curry packs, we found one of the creepiest curry we ever saw..


Pink curry and Blue curry!


We sometimes eat at a Thai restaurant and eat green curry or red curry but...never Pink and Blue.


Pink and blue are the colours we do not find so often in foods except for the colouful sweets like M&M . We eat these sweets with colours thinking and knowing these colours are not really super good for health. But we eat because we love these chocolates and candies!


And these sweets have been always colourful since we were kids so that we do not feel so strange. But curry? We have never seen anything like these and feel so strange..


The pink curry is called "Pink Karei". Its colour comes from red beet. So it sounds natural. The seller is a cafe style restaurant called Ooenokian. You can either eat the curry at this restaurant or buy it from its online shop. This restaurant located in Tottori prefecture, one of the biggest red beet growers in Japan, also plans to sell Pink soy sauce. 


The blue curry is called "Slime curry". The Slime is from the video game "Dragon Quest" (Onegai kaeru team featured the Blue Slime meat bun in the past too.).  Blue colour is from "Blue No.1 (aka Brilliant Blue FCF)", this one does not sound sooo natural.The seller is the famous anime character book/goods shop, Village Vanguard. The curry is available from its online shop.


Surprisingly, both curry are said to be tasty. We have not yet tried them.. Please let us know if you ever try!

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